Many of us get rejected by google adsense and they are unable to make money online with their website or blog. Adsense is one of the best platform for making money online and every blogger want to get approved. Infect every blogger who start blogging then google adsense is first choice for making money. And also it is one of the best and high paying CPC advertising network. There is many advertising program available. But everyone not get the success over it. There is big reason of choosing adsense. Because adsense is best monetizing network. Due to their high paying CPC. adsenseNo other alternative ads network is better than google adsense you should know what to do before applying google adsense. Thousand of user are got rejected by adsense team everyday and hundreds or even more account are been banned by the google adsense program. So you should know what to do before applying google adsense. But before applying you should know and follow the policies and terms of google adsense policies.

These alternatives are not helpful when you got rejected or banned if you want to earn more or want to add some additional income source. Then they are also helpful, now we are going to explain you about the other alternative ads network and about their minimum payout and method payout with ads Type.

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adsoptimalAdsoPtimal was establish in October 2012 and is located in san Frasisco, receiving good traffic then it is best AsoPtiomal is giving high quality order. It provides mobile app ads and website. Being partners with the reputed adsense and Double Click for Publisher by google. Adsoptimal has the entire strategy optimize to get you the right kind of payback. Here you can select the kind of advertisement as you with to see and things will make in your accordance.

Minimum payout –$50

Payout method- PayPal

Ads type- Display ads, inline ads, video ads, page level ads.

media-netIf you are looking for similar to adsense alternative then this is best and safe ads providing network. used by Yahoo and Bing. By Revenue is became largest contextual ads program globally. And most important things is they are little strict on approving publisher’s best it yours having a quality blog, your chances are very higher to get approved. And now days they also monetizing the traffic of your blog from India to give better response and get approved

Minimum payout $100

Payout method PayPal, wire transfer

Ads type- display ads and text ads.

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infolinkInfolinks is known as best third advertising network. It is serving 4 billion monthly ads view and helping more than 2 Lakhs website worldwide. Infolinks shows text links ads and it innovated ads work in such heavy that user interface is not affected in any manner. It easy to integrate on your website and it has minimum requirement to use this ad network, for page views or visitors and no hidden commitments. They select based on quality, that’s why they work with worldwide leading brands such as Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Minimum Payout- $50

Payout Method- PayPal or Payoneer

Ads Type- Text Ads, Tag Ads, Search Ads

Propeller Ads

propellerPropeller Ads start working on 2011 and quickly developed into one of the biggest network and it work on CPMs. They approve all kind of sites and it doesn’t matter how much your site receives traffic. Propeller ads also don’t focus on from which country your traffic is increasing. Propeller ads are specializing in monetizing website for the following interest, entertainment, software, game, finance, dating etc. It struggling in monetizes traffic then you can choose this network.

Minimum payout- $100

Payout Method- Payoneer

Ads type- Popup, Display text

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popadsPopAds work as its name. It is specialized in Pop Up ads network. Popads is most famous among all and it has good rates in Ads providing. It pay on per visitor and visitors don’t need to do anything, whatever they will browse on your blog, you just get paid. English speaking countries like USA, then you will get paid more than other. This is amazing way to earning online with your blog or website.

Minimum payout- $50

Payout Method- PayPal

Ads type- Popup

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Closing Words

These are just alternative ads providers networks behalf of Google Adsense. If your Google Adsense account will disable then they will be even helpful that time. These also help you to make money online with these alternative ads network. It you want to make some more money then it helpful for you and before these I personally told you increase your traffic and then they all will be more helpful.

Which one of them works for you perfectly? Please tell us in comment.