Messenger is a simple application use to connect people through text,voice and video chat. In this user can also send pic,video,emoji etc. but still there are many feature not know by many user. Facebook updated many things in messenger and make it run as in all platform. it developing the application in each period of day. there is a Lite of messenger which help the timed version of messenger application.messanger

Each and every person who using Facebook in smart phone must use the messenger but it is not just a texting and sending emoji and pic. there are some feature in it  which make you more know about messenger, but this   feature you got on and on Facebook

1.Switch account.

You can use more than one account to your messenger application, but  you will use a specific account, this feature allow to shift between different account.

2. Payment and Ride booking.

Facebook update the messenger so through  that you can share money through your contact, it mainly use in US. and about booking it help to booking UBER and LYFT wide for that you must install these two application. after configuration and different term you can see these two in your contact through there you can book a Cab.

3. Secret conservation.

secret conversationAs WhatsApp encryption messenger  also updated for encryption in this it is know as secret encryption. you are safe with the messaging with friends. just tap on ‘I’ button and tap secret conversation.

4. Shortcut

Create shortcutThis platform only available in android, it allow you to create shortcut of contact list, and through there you can directly go to specific user message Tab and click on ‘I’ button there you will find the create shortcut option tap on it and you will find the contact on your home screen. it is available in windows WhatsApp application.

To do this tap hold to your chat history to specific person you want to create and tap on create shortcut it directly appear on home screen.

5. Messenger Links.

Messenger code through this you can reach a person using the messenger link. it look m.ME/username(Ritik sharma). you can also find your in messenger setting.

6. Chat with Bots

Many times you can see the people were not online but done be sad there is a BOT to whom you want to talk  then you can talk to BOT as just like the Friends. BOTARENA.

7.Application for messenger.

There are many application which integrated with the messenger application like Dropbox,Tumbler,Giphy, etc. tap on button which having 3 dots choose the specific application.

8. Make a group and have conversation.

once you create a group you were connect with many of the person lets start conversation with text,emoji,pic and you can call the many person having added in that group.

9. Nicknames.

you can change the name of yours contacts in your messenger what ever you want to change. it not change your any other function.

10. Share you eject location.

As like whatsapp,hike,Facebook also update the messenger for sharing location when you tap on gray square icon with 3dot and share location.

11. Change colors.
Change chat colour

Change chat colour

If you want to set your own color its different chat in messenger on chat screen tap on ‘I’ button on top right and tap on color you can also change group colors.

12. Mute messenger notification.
mute conversation

mute conversation

Many private place you want to keep  silence bu the notification will show up. you can mute notification in the messenger application for your contacts.

Tap on ‘I’ button and tap notification,you can select the mute time also.

13.Use messenger without Facebook account.

It doesn’t important that you exist on Facebook social network, but you can still contact with your friends just like whatsapp and other application you can use messenger according to phone number.

14. Change messenger to SMS

Messanger to SMS


You can change messenger to sms and can reply your phone sms thorough that, without having the internet connection. for that you have to tap on dotted lines there you can find the new windows having written “Send and receive SMS in messenger.

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