as we all know that today the facebook is became like a family member for all of us, we cannot let it go with our daily life, today everyone have a facebook account any everyone want to do fast work on facebook so for all of them here I bought some “SHORTCUT KEY OF FACEBOOK FOR CHROME AND FIREFOX USER”
Google Chrome |

Alt+1 — View your New feed
Alt+2 — View your Own Profile
Alt +3– View pop-up of Friend request
Alt+4 — View your pop-up of Message
Alt+5 — View your pop-up of Notification
Alt+6 — View Account Setting
Alt+7 — View your Profile
Alt+8 — View your facebook profile
Alt+9 — Read the latest Term of Service agreement

Mozilla firefox |

Shift+Alt+1 — View your New Feed
Shift+Alt+2 — View your own profile
Shift+Alt+3 — View pop-up of friend request
Shift+Alt+4 — View pop-up message
Shift+Alt+5 — View pop-up notification
Shift+Alt+6 — View Account setting
Shift+Alt+7 — View privacy setting
Shift+Alt+8 — View facebook profile
Shift+Alt+9 — Read latest terms and services agreement
Shift+Alt+10 — Open Facebook help center

that’s all I think this guide is helpful for you and you enjoy it.