These days the user of the android phone are many complains about the battery backup thats was not the problem of phone it depend upon the user how it handle it by using unnessacry the battery back became dull

here are some idea through which the battery back of android increases

* Decreases the brightness of screen ————–by decresing the brightness you can iimprove your battery backup there is a direct connecrtion between the battery and screen display, the battry loose its strenght depends how much you incresed your brightness

if you save the dark black wallpaper on screen and for apps than you can able to increase the battery backup

* In the place of 3G use WI-FI——————- by the 3g network you got the better internet speed so on the palce of 3g use WI-FI through this you can save your money as well as battery

*donot use livewallpaper ———————- it is good to see the live wallpaper in android phone but from this the battery decreses very fastly so avoid that in place of that use any picture through this pressure on battery became lesss

*switch off bluetooth————————— in todays life the use of bluetooth increses rapidly such that there are some transfering software are there like WI-FI,gps, if you are not using these then switch off them if you off all feature of the phone, so from this you can increse your backup

*clear the apps———————————– if you are not using the apps which is installed in your pc it may running on background and decresing your battery go to mange apps and uninstall that