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 How to change the Pen drive to RAM?

This Blog is updated here:-HOW TO INCREASE YOUR RAM IN WINDOWS PCs? Here i am sharing the trick for increasing your RAM by using the pen drive because today there is many of the file which we have to keep in PC but of the less space we cannot do that ...
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 How to get popular on INTERNET?

We all pray to be popular on Internet, getting popular is not easy on internet. but these are some steps help you getting popular. Now what are you waiting just follow these steps and enjoy. 1. Must start a Website : you must heard of top sites, 'creating a website is another ...
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 HOW to Shutdown or Restart your PC in the second

If you access this type of trick just follow these trick and enjoy your moment and save your time. _______________________ 1. create A shutdown icon | ---------------------------- READ ALSO:-Top Windows Run Commands List: You should know. --> To create shutdown icon on your desktop do the following steps. * Right click on your desktop any where ...
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(libraries,music,document,picture) Just follow this steps :---- a. click on RUN then write 'RegEdit' in it. b. go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoft windowscurrent versionexplorershell folder c. change the desired folder location,My document is normally list as 'Personal'. d. Open the explorer and rename or create the folder you wish. To change the desire location of the program files folder ...
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