8 Best free Registry Cleaner Application for windows 10

These free registry cleaner tools repair your most common errors and optimise your PC for better performance. Here we have listed free registry cleaner for you to make your task faster as you expect. These free PC cleaners are very useful and if you are looking for temporary files cleaner or registry cleaner for Windows 7, 8, 10 then here is the best tools. Many times we don’t focus on the registry and ignore the errors of the registry. But it’s not good for your Windows PC or Laptop and it may show some unknown errors. One thing you should know about the registry that Windows stores your setting in the registry. Did you think ever that why we should use a Registry cleaner and what they do? Many peoples just ignore these things and start using applications.

8 Best free Registry Cleaner Application for windows 10

8 Best free Registry Cleaner Application for Windows 10

It might be dangerous for that user who is looking for best PC cleaner, clean and fix error my PC for free, computer cleaning software etc. There are many tools on the internet which mentioned as Malware or keylogger. So before using or downloading you should make sure about these things. You can ignore these things because we are providing you best free registry cleaner application. Now have a look on why we should use them. As I mentioned in the first para that it stores your Windows setting. Have a look an Example, When you install a program and set as default program then windows will save a registry entry for that program. Now next Example, when you uninstall that program then there is good be the chance that uninstalled program will leave the registry entries behind.

Those entries would not be deleted automatically until you reinstall the windows, or delete them manually. For these kinds of the task, we use best free registry cleaner applications. Now have a look on free registry cleaner tool.

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List of Best Free Best free Registry Cleaner Application for Windows 10

Previously you looked on why we should use and what they do so now look on their promises. Before starting I would like to say you that these kinds of applications are not going to make your system fast. Forget about that these all are going to make your system faster than before. Free registry tools may help you in cleaning your large and other kinds of files which are getting slow. Many professionals told that it doesn’t use for making faster your PC/Laptop. Many peoples don’t believe in these kinds of software because their promises are too bigger than work. There is much software in the market which is only for the scam, but now windows have updated their security feature.

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Best Free Best free Registry Cleaner Application for Windows 10


This is most popular cleaner and optimizer tool for Laptop/PC. It helps you to make your computer faster, Protect your privacy, and many things. You can set the time for cleaning your PC through scheduled cleaning. You can also manage your startup program which helps your PC/Laptop to start faster. You don’t need to worried about that software before doing anything because it will backup your registry before doing anything. Making the backup of registry make your PC/Laptop safe because it will help you to restore if anything happens wrong. If you don’t want to install CCleaner then you can also use this application as a portable application.

Advanced System Care Free

Advanced System Care

This is one of best free registry cleaner for Windows 10 due to its work and in the term of the interface. Advance system care is a user-friendly tool because of its interface. If you are a non-technical person then you can go for that and you can solve the issue in an easy way. You can take this free PC cleaner tool as best PC cleaner and user-friendly tool. This Windows registry cleaner tool helps you to clean up junks and remove malware and virus to protect your System. It also cares about your privacy and it will clean your privacy-related file and make you safe. This best registry cleaner tool helps you Defrag Your Disk Easily to make your system faster.

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Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities

This my favourite computer clean up tool ever and I personally recommend you to use this tool. Glary Utilities is a freeware registry cleaner, disk cleaning, privacy protection, and performance booster tool. It carries amazing tools wich helps users to boot PC/Laptop performance and many privacy protection tools. Previous years Glary Utilities launched a Malware Hunter which protect your computer from malware and spyware. The Glary Utilities is the best-reviewed application for Windows PC/Laptop. You can download the latest version of Glary Utilities for free.



This is an another best free registry cleaner tool and JetClean is also a user-friendly tool for your system. JetClean helps you to clean the registry cleaning, Windows cleaning, Apps cleaning, Shortcut cleaning, and Ram cleaning. JetClean Have also amazing another tool to perform your system better like System Information, Uninstaller, Startup Optimization, Registry Defrag, Internet Booster and Performance booster. It is a Light application, Easy-to-use, and Reliable for all user if they are technical or non-technical.

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Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner

It is best free registry cleaner and it Clean registry junks, repair Windows errors and keep your PC performance good. If you have created many users in your PC/Laptop and you want to clean every user registry and others then Wise Registry Cleaner is best. Wise Registry Cleaner can easily scan and clean all users registry at once. Good thing in this cleaner is it makes a backup file before cleaning your registry and if you want to scheduled cleaning then it is also helpful. Users can also specify that who they can run means if you want to run a normal, safe, or deep registry scan then you can do that.

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Registry Life

Registry Life

This registry cleaner tool is popular for correcting errors in the registry and optimises your system performance of windows. The interface of Registry Life is too good and it shows the errors and on the front. You can easily run the registry scan and optimisation scan and run your system good. It is also a well-reviewed tool for cleaning Registry, managing startup application and optimises your system performance.This utility basically uses to defragment and compress the registry and make your system fast.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

This free registry cleaner provides you with all needed tools to fix and repair registry errors. If you are looking free and best tool for these kinds of tasks then you can use this tool. Auslogics Registry can clean junk files, resolve registry errors, eliminate slowdown issues, clear your privacy traces to protect you. It provides many things like Disk Defrag, Startup Manager, System Info, Tweak Manage, Uninstall Manager, Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner and many other things.

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Closing Words

These all are the best free registry cleaner for Windows 10 and if you are Disk Defrag, Startup Manager, System Info, Tweak Manage, Uninstall Manager, Internet Optimizer, Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner and other tools then here is a list. Many peoples think that these kinds of applications are not good for the system and many of them are contains malware and another harmful tool. Some of then are right because there are many tools for these kinds of tasks which are useless. These all are the best PC cleaner for free and most them are very helpful for registry cleaning in windows. Now you can clean your system with these free registry cleaner applications.

Feel free to comment and share your view with us. Don’t hesitate to tell us which application is best for you in cleaning your PC or Laptop.

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