Do you fear someone spying on you? Well, don’t worry and read this guide on how you can detect and remove spyware from your cell phone. First, let’s start with how you can detect a text spying app on your phone or tablet.

detect a text spying app

How to detect a Text Spyware on Your Cell Phone?

Detecting an app on your cell phone could be tricky, and with apps like XNSPY text spying, it could be a real job to find where it’s hidden on the phone. Its 100% discreet and thus act as a perfect spying tool.

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There are a few different ways you can detect a spyware on the target cell phone, like:

  • Your phone will act anomalous. If you are experiencing phone resets or apps crashing on your phone, it could be due to a spy app.
  • Even after being 100% discreet, some apps still do leave their footprints on the target device. The app may be hidden on the cell phone but if it crashes, you have a nice chance at finding out about it. If an app crashes on your cell phone that you aren’t familiar with, it’s a spy app for sure then. Remember, spy apps aren’t installed on the target devices with their brand name. So you just have to be watchful which apps were installed by and which weren’t.
  • If your cell phone’s battery is draining like hell even when you just got a new cell phone, then it’s probably not a faulty device. Spying apps can easily eat up your device’s juice just after a few minutes’ activity. However, for powerful apps like Xnspy, they can hide on your phone without making a trouble of any kind. Don’t worry, you can get rid of this text spy software from your cell phone too.
  • Less powerful apps may be manually hidden on your Android cell phone. Companies like Samsung gives you the option to hide app icons on their cell phones. Contact your cell phone manufacturer’s customer support for more information.
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If you can’t detect a spyware even after doing all that, your best is just to ensure that it doesn’t stay on your phone, IF it’s there.

For the second part of this read, there are two different types of readers: First, those who want to remove a text spying app from their phones, and others, who want to remove a spyware that’s installed by them on someone else’s phone.For those who have been spying others using a spyware, this is what they need to do:

Look on your app’s control panel and see if there is a feature for remote uninstallation. If you are using XNSPY, then you can remotely wipe data off the monitored device, which will also uninstall the app.

How to remove a Text Spy Software from Android?

Coming down to the last part of the guide, we will now tell you how you can remove a  from a cell phone.

text spying app

1.    Use A Factory Reset

This is your best bet to delete any malicious app from a cell phone. Restoring a device to factory reset will delete all data including any third-party apps installed. If you are concerned about your data, then make sure to create a backup. All Android and iOS devices encourage you to have a backup on your device so if you have one, then you can simply move onto factory resetting the device. Doing a factory reset could be quite a work for some people who just wouldn’t want to wipe everything off their cell phones. But if you suspect any malicious activity on your phone, be it a virus or spyware, you might want to consider the factory reset.

2.    Remove a Spy App Manually

This could be tricky, but it’s worth it if you can sift through the entire file manager of your cell phone, folder-by-folder. But before going to the file manager, you might want to check the installed apps section on your Android phone and look for any installed app that may look anomalous. But be cautious as you wouldn’t want to delete any system files.

How to remove a Text Spying App from an iPhone?

There are two different versions of spy apps that are available these days. One is the Jailbreak version that requires manual installation of the text spying app on the target Jailbreak iOS device, and second is the iCloud spy that requires the iCloud credentials of the user that needs to be spied on.

text spying app

If you suspect that there might be some text spying app installed on your iOS device, then take note that it’s not something that’s possible without a jailbreak. Almost every spy apps make sure that the target user won’t know that their device has been jailbroken. So your only bet is to either factory reset your device or upgrade its iOS. This way, your phone will be restored to its original firmware free of Jailbreak.
If you still doubt that you are being spied, you might want to change your iCloud password. As aforementioned, if someone knows your iCloud ID and password, then they can remotely watch over your entire iPhone. Just change your iCloud password and you will be fine.

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Spying apps have been around us for over a decade now, but even then, they have their drawbacks and loopholes. Until they don’t perfect their every facet, you don’t have to worry much.

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