Security is big issue these days and everyone prefer security first, whenever we talk about security then we are prefer various thing to secure us from many things like we are using an antivirus in our system to protect us from virus, we use strong password to secure accounts, using Encryption to secure our data and many more like these. Regarding these things many of want to be a hacker and good security researcher. And here we are going to talk about how to become a good security researcher.

Security Researcher

Security Researcher

Security researchers need a broad skill in many programming and specializing in some areas such as malware, encryption, and network forensics and web applications. We are surrounded by many computer viruses or mailicious softwares and before using these we should have to filter them. This task is not easy and everyone won’t able to do because they are not researcher. People want to be good security researchers and want to learn about this. Many of you learning to become security researcher by offering good money. Before spending money or starting your class regarding this you should know about the requirements of good security researchers and what should you have to know become a good security researcher.

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Before starting you should know.

Security researcher isn’t only fun, it provides a way to potentially discover new things, or even help put misconceptions to rest, to help improve the security of a software application or device, and rise security awareness.

Security researcher?

Someone has to current with all new malware that can be used to exploit application and system vulnerabilities, Collect it examine its function and how it executes attacks and then present those finding in a format that can be consumed by a larger audience.

Why we should be a security researcher?

Security researchers are much in demand these days because of rising cyber attacks. Many companies are hiring security researchers to protect themselves and their clients. There is a good opportunity for these kinds of guys who are specialized in reverse engineering or network forensics.

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You should know about there all things to become a good security researcher.

1. You should have knowledge about many programming languages like Java, Phython, Ruby, C, C++ and many more. First learn C and C++ which will set you up nearly. These two languages will open the door for further learning.

2. You should have proper knowledge about operating system and computer network how they works. Here reverse engineering will help you immensely.

3. Tools and software which check for vulnerabilities. Reverse engineering is also helps you how to hack computer system and networks.

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4. Practices! As told by our ancestors “practice makes a man perfect”. Get masters in first three steps above until you know everything about each one inside and out. For tools facus on IDA-Pro, Ollydbg , Immunity debugger and windbg.

5. Join online courses, offering certified hacking courses and watch videos and contact with researchers online to make you better.

6. And most important thing read numbers of as possible. But don’t get confused will reading. Read and short out you queries. There is list of some books like The Art of Deception , The Art of Intrusion by world famous former Hacker Kevin Mitnick and other most of peoples are prefer this book.

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When we are talking about security research then how we can forget the words said by “James Terien” vice president of security research at ProtectWise, developer of a cloud-based platform that uses a virtual camera to record everything personal see threats in real-time and the word is ”Security researcher includes a wide spectrum of tasks.”

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Remember:- A life of security researcher is so hard. They have to follow several rules of cyber crimes. They may arrested if they don’t follow or when they reporting flows or exposing leaks in public. Many times you may run foul with a particular cyber criminal or hacking group who may dox you, threaten your or hack your accounts.


Closing words

To become a security researcher or any kind of researcher you have to choose a particular topic and masters on it. Learn each and everything about chosen topic and if you explore this topic for enough will find something new. At last if you strive long enough and are patient, you will become a good security researcher.

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