This Blog is updated here:-HOW TO INCREASE YOUR RAM IN WINDOWS PCs?

Here i am sharing the trick for increasing your RAM by using the pen drive because today there is many of the file which we have to keep in PC but of the less space we cannot do that and we also want to RUN the Internet fastly but of less RAM we cannot do that , there is many trick and tips for increasing your RAM :

* Just follow this steps and change your pen drive to Ram.

1. Plug your pen drive into your system.

2. Right click on my computer.

3. Open the properties.

4. Go to advance option.

5. Now select setting of performance.

6. Again click on the advanced button which is shown in “pop up” window.

7. Now click on change button show in virtual memory.

8. Now select the available memory of your removal pen drive / usb

9. Set value and apply change.

10. Restart your PC/ laptop and thus you done

***********enjoy your tutorial ************