It is seen that the android animation degrade your phone performance by enabling the developer option. And changing some of simple setting you can disable anime and speed up your android phone in few steps.

Android OS allows OEM’s to change the full look and design of the software by incorporating different Theme, icon, animation. Element are also improve overall user experience.slide1

With every new version Google gives up you a new type of anime. If you won’t have the powerful hardware than the animation will destroy your device, this will slow up your speed and different other problem, for some of the user these animation act as performance killer than improving overall experience.

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I think this situation faced by many of you. However the animations were not directly off. You can do it by some simple setting, to increase speed you have to disable the animation and you have to enable option and find reverent setting.

With having these changes you should notice an immediate performance on your device.

Here the explanation how to disable the animation.

Step 1.

To make change you need to enable Developer option in your device. It is hidden need to make same changes to enable it. To do this go to Setting than on the about phone.setting

Step 2

In the next windows go down and look for build number tap this rapidity.speed-up-android-by-disabling-animations-2-576x1024

Step 3

After tapping few times you are now developer.speed-up-android-by-disabling-animations-3-576x1024

Step 4

Get back to the setting and get down then you will spot new developer option field. Tap on it proceed to disable in your android phones.speed-up-android-by-disabling-animations-5-576x1024

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Disabling animation

Step 1

After opening developer option screen, turn ON the option by sliding down the switch at top, it allow you to make change.You will see some new dialogue box asking for development setting tap to OK and disable your android Smartphone.speed-up-android-by-disabling-animations-5-576x1024

Step 2

You will go down to the screen look up your different option with animation keywords. You get different option like windows, animation scale, and transition animation scale.speed-up-android-by-disabling-animations-8-576x1024

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Step 3

Now select each option and select off option you must see the default value will as 1x. If you want to speed up to the phone without disabling the animation. You can select the animation scale 0.5 x options. It will boost up your phone.speed-up-android-by-disabling-animations-9-576x1024

Step 4

It won’t change instantly for that you have to restart the android launcher after having the animation change for doing that, Open  setting then tap on app  then tap on google now launcher and tap force stop option now tap your android home button and it will read to your android launcher.

After this the animation in your device will disable and you will notice speed. So now you can tap to your screed for the new screen the changes will instantly work now device will not run away animation.

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Tips to focus.

It depend on your android device that the how performance will be go on and it depend on handwork. It forming of animation came to me problem in application. Decrease the delay scale to 0.5 x.