How to Install or Dual Boot Android Nougat With Windows 10?

Many of Android users are running Android Nougat on their phones. Now time to make dual boot Android with Nougat in Windows. Previously we also talk about the mentioned about that (here), but we use their Android 5.1 (Lollipop). As you that Android operating system is too older but many android phones are working on that. Whatever we are talking about now the Nougat and you will also see the step by step guide for making dual boot android with windows. This is an updated article of the dual boot Android in windows with the different way. Here we are going to use many tools which make your task easy. Many peoples want to use dual boot android on PC, and they have their own reasons. So, here we are going to discuss dual boot android in windows 10 with easy steps.

How to Install or Dual Boot Android Nougat Operating in Windows 10?

How to Install or Dual Boot Android Nougat Operating in Windows 10?

The steps which we are going to show you these all are easy steps for dual boot Windows with Android on PC. Here we are going to use some for install android in windows 10. Many peoples think that the using dual boot android in windows is not good, but I would like to suggest one thing that, Don’t use dual boot android of any versions of Windows. If you are planning to use android in your Windows and MAC they I would like to suggest you use best Emulators. These will also help you in playing Android games in windows.

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Requirments of Dual Boot Android Nougat Operating in Windows 10

Download Rufus from Here

Download Android from here (You can choose your own Android os)

Windows 10 running operating.

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Steps for Dual Boot Android Nougat Operating in Windows 10

Installing in Virtual Box and the dual boot process is same so don’t confuse while creating the dual boot. Have a look the video. Steps are mentioned for only creating the bootable pen drive with Android nougat.

Step 1.

First, you need to run Rufus.exe. It doesn’t need to install.

Step 2.

Select your Pendrive or HDD which you want to use in Dual Boot Android Nougat Operating in Windows 10.

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Step 3.

Now make sure about file system which is default FAT.

Step 4.

Select the android iso file which you have downloaded previously.

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Step 5.

Now click on Start, and your dual boot process will start. When the process will end restart your PC.

Step 6.

After restarting the make sure your first boot priority is USB Drive.

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Step 7.

In the next step, we are selecting live for a short time using android in windows. If you want to use the Dual Boot Android Nougat permanently on your PC, then click on Install.

Step 8.

After that just follow the installation process and you will get your all Android Nougat. For installation, Process has a look on Video. Please don’t confuse because the installation process is the same after rebooting the system.

The video is carried dual boot in VBox but you don’t get worried about that because the steps are same.

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Closing words

Previously, we have also discussed dual boot android, but that about Android 5.1 and now are discussing the Android 7.1 Nougat. Here you will get all Nougat feature which you are using in your android phone nougat. These things are going too much interesting and surprising. Your Android operating is now available on your PC with all features. You don’t need to worried about any things which will make you unhappy. Things are going amazing because you are going to work on Android PC.

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