How to get popular on INTERNET?

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We all pray to be popular on Internet, getting popular is not easy on internet. but these are some steps help you getting popular. Now what are you waiting just follow these steps and enjoy.

1. Must start a Website :

you must heard of top sites, “creating a website is another thing and getting traffic is another thing. you can use a website made from specialist or can make it yourself. when you create you website, just use to post killer content through which people comes on your site regularly.

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2. Start a Blog and be popular fastly on Internet :

Some blog are top on Internet. thats not what they write or what a quality of writing they use, there are many social network for posting the article and being popular. the basic things is to post killer content and you have to post article regularly.

3. Join the facebook and popular in a Hours :

Today facebook became top social sites on Internet and second most visited site after goggle, everyone is on facebook today there were many user through this you can get better traffic and you will popular in hours. add many many of the friends to your friends list.

you can create a page or group and make it popular through this you can post the link of your blog here and get traffic on your blog easily. if reader like your blog they must follow you or add you.

4. Join other social sites :

beside the twitter,facebook there is some top site were you can post the link of website,blog,twitter and many more your in these and get more and more traffic.

5. well written profile :

if you have the better profile which is well maintain so you have to post the link of that and get traffic because all reader want killer post and workable also.

6. Start conversation with friends :

on facebook,twitter and other social sites there are some friends which know nice and top trick so you can connect them and take the suggestion from them or you can connect a chat group that help you to get traffic easily.

7. Join forums and get more and more traffic :

it is very helpful for newbies. it donot discourage, here the pepole use to read what are you writing if you write the killer post than they check your profile. never forgot to post the link of your website,blog and many more.

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