Many of the new users were left the blog for just a reason because they won’t get the result what they are willing for and many of them are who spend a year and don’t see any result in their improvisation. Many of them won’t follow these steps so they won’t get the traffic for what they were looking for.


How any Newbie’s get the Traffic what they want ?

Many ways are there which help a user to get the traffic as much as network you have you get the traffic. Means there are many source through which you can get the like social media, search engine, referral content these are some of the best network that help you get the traffic. These are best social media that help you for the promotion of your website.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pintrest
  4. Google +

Why we should use social media and why it’s popular among the networking because it is easy to understand and easy to spread, if the content were not focused on the specific time it will focus in future.

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How to get Traffic for your Blog?

For getting traffic these are some knowingly tips to any blog. Which help you to get the traffic on the level.


You must follow the top blogger and must be updated about their topic what they publish and with that you can comment and became a top commenters of the specific topic. But not only the comment with your comment you will must notified your website name through which you will get more traffic, for your website.

  1. You can use other network like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Facebook is a top most extreme network among the entire network, because it is easy to understand and easily you can share the content among many people in a short period of time. You can promote all the post among the groups and pages easily by that the content was easily got by many of the people, through this you get 1000 of the traffic in a short period of time. So never neglect the Facebook in traffic section. You may suffer from in starting but when you get promoting your content and stable in Facebook it became easy to spread the content.
  • Twitter is also became a best place for the promoting your content to many of the use r easily. Here you can follow the top blogger and their follower, when you tweet the new article asking for your follower to re-tweet it.
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  1. Get your time on writing best article

It never happens that you get the better traffic without giving any extra effort. You must be different and unique from other to get success, it takes you to create content. I advice that you wouldn’t spend all the time in working of less effective article. Instead on that spend time to create content with having grate content. You article must contain 1000+15000 words in a once and you get the more attention of the reader. It very important to create an attractive article regularly to be in a blog world. They can bring you in GOOGLE Rank.

  1. Attention on SEO.

Many of the user say you to not worry about the SEO and get attention on writing, but I say it is the dumbest suggestion, you must focus on what the keyword and density you should maintain to get search engine traffic to your blog. It’s very important to get search engine traffic to your blog. Because it’s independently and easy to understand and use too. Make sure that the keyword use in the article was easy to understand and reader can digest it. And have a proper keyword before writing the article, then engage the keyword into post you better understand SEO when you work on it. At last I say to share and promote your blogs among different network. By sharing of the posts on networks the content sooner or later get the attention it reader find it useful, so focus on building your network by blog commenting, writing great word and never forget social media networking.

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