As we all know the basic function of Random Access Memory (RAM) in our PCs/Laptop. RAM has fastest to access small pieces data which is what programs need. Hence, at a time of processing computer first transfer small pieces of file into RAM when a program starts. If these small pieces of file are transfer directly from Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Then it will 10 times slower.
Let’s see the some important topic.

What is RAM?

RAM means Random Access Memory main memory of our computer. It is made up of semiconductor. RAM memory which took load of all processing application. It also known as Temporary Storage. There are many types of RAM available for Laptops/PCs. Like DDR2, DDR3 etc.. 

Why we need to increase RAM?

If your computer becomes slow or it showing the message “your system is running low”. One more thing encourages you to increase your RAM and that is gaming. It’s very helpful for the game lovers.

   Increasing your RAM with flash drive or HDD, that is called Virtual Memory.

Increase your RAM with USB/Pendrive.

There are two methods to increase your RAM. Both are easy and not time killing for user.

Method 1.

Increasing Virtual RAM concept.


First of all insert your Pendrive.


Right click on My Computer then click on Properties.


Click on Advance System setting tab setting from left side.


Go to Advance tab and click on Setting button performance option will appear, click on Advance tab again.


There is a Column name Virtual Memory. Now you have to click on Change button.


Now virtual memory box will appear. Un check Automatically manage paging filesize for all drive. Then select your drive => click on Custom size and click on Set. Now click on Ok => Apply => Ok => Apply =>oK.
NOTE:- if your Pendrive is of size 4GB and if showing 3918 MB then you should use 3908 MB size to set drive. Because, it better for device safety.
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Method 2.

Use Ready Boost for making Virtual RAM.


Insert your Pendrive  and clean it should have to be no data. Right click on Pendrive and  go to Properties.


Click on Ready Boost Tab.


Click on Use this device. And reduce the size approx 100-200 MB. Then click on Applythen Ok.
If you want to roll back your Pendrive than follow the same but at a time use this device you have to select Don’t use this device.
Things you should know.
1.These methods definitely increase your performance. But not acting as original RAM.
2.Always use eject tab before removing your Pendrive. It’s better for your Pendrive health and good habit for user. It will safe your Pendrive from data lost and enhance your Pendrive life.
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