Kali Linux and Android both are widely used Operating System (OS). If you able to run both OS in your phone that can be Amazing. Kali Linux is OS use for penetration testing and best for creating dummy environment to test the various hacking attacks. Mostly Kali Linux is used by Ethical Hackers and Security researchers worldwide.

You must be wonder from this but it is possible you can Run Kali Linux on your android phone with this complete guide. Installing Kali Linux in your Android phone or Tablets is very simple, you have to just follow the instruction which is mention in this article.

Install Kali Linux In Android Phones or Tablets.

Install all Linux file on your android device by downloading them and then you will be able to run Kali Linux on your phone.
Requirements for installation.

  • Rooted android phone/devices.
  • Battery should be fully charged.
  • Better internet connection. (for downloading Kali Linux image)
  • At least 5GB free space.



First of all install Linux Deploy app in your phone from Play Store.


Tap on Download icon for downloading Linux operating. (Below the right corner).



Now tap Distribution option and change it in to Kali Linux instead of other Linux.



Tap on Install button at the top and tap on OK.
And wait for the download complete. Time take may be vary depend upon your internet speed. If your internet connection is good then it will take 5-15 minutes.
NOTE: – You may need to install Busy Box. After installing it tap on Install button.


Now download and install VNC Viewer app in your Android device.


Now launch the app tap on + button and fill up as shown in image.



Tap on Create and then Connect button.

video tutorial.

Task has been completed and you will be able run Kali Linux in your Android Device.