In our previous post you have seen, How to run lollipop Android OS in windows7,8 or 10? In this post, you are going to learn how to make a dual boot with Windows operating installed PC or laptop? Android operating system is specially made for screen touch devices. But since it can be used on your PC, with the help of some guidance. There are so many methods to doing this task. But here you have seen the simple method. Here you will get the solution of dual boot android with windows.

How to make dual boot Android with Windows?


Android operating system is open source and totally free, many people’s are doing many amazing things with the help of this amazing operating system. You can even install Android operating in your Windows PC or laptop.

But with the help of this method, you are also going to do an amazing thing in your PC or laptop. And i.e. dual boot with Windows PC or laptop.

Dual boot Android with Windows.

  • The requirement for installation.
  • Android 5.02 x86iso Get here
  • Androidx86 installer Get here
  • Pre-installed Windows PC or laptop.


Make sure you have these all thing.
Run androidx86 installer 


Browse Android 5.02 x86 ISO file from where you have been placed.


Select the partition where you want to install. (You can install on your C: drive. It doesn’t harm your file.)
How to make dual boot Android with Windows?


Click on Install Now. And wait…..
How to make dual boot Android with Windows?

Go back and relax, until process doesn’t complete. It will show you the message. (Time taking 5-15 minutes)
Enjoy! Your dual boot Android operating system. You have done that easily.
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Remove dual boot operating in Windows PC or laptop.

It’s easy to remove them from dual boot see the process below.
Go to Control Panel click on Program and Features.
How to make dual boot Android with Windows?

Select Android and click on Uninstall.
How to make dual boot Android with Windows?
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You have completed the task, making dual boot or removing from the dual boot. This method is also answered two important questions and that is “how to use apk files on PC?” and “how to play android games on PC?” and that is the good thing.