Kali linux is most popular operating system. In the world of hacking kali linux is also most common operating system. Most of hacker prefer the kali linux for hacking.

                Dear reader if you want to start carrier as hacker or pen tester then this operating will help you. So don’t think so much if you want to join the world of hacking then you can go ahead.

Requirements for dual boot operating system.

  • A laptop/pc
  • A Pendrive with 8 GB storage space
  • Any version of windows pre installed in laptop or pc.
  • Kali linux v.2.0 iso file. Get here
  •  Power iso software installed in your windows system. Get here
If you fulfill the requirements then let’s start with us.


You have image file of kali linux v2.0 and power iso installed in your system. Choose any of one 32bit or 64bit it will carry over 3gb of data.

Step 2.

After downloading kali linux v2.0 and installing power iso .
Right click on power iso icon and click on run as administrator.
After open power iso go to “tool” then “create bootable Usb drive”.


Now go to destination where your kali linux iso file is downloaded or placed.


Choose your Usb drive or Pen Drive.
And select “write Raw image” method to write. And click “start” button then press “yes”to continue. It will promote your pen drive or usb drive. Wait for completing the task.

Step 5.

Left it for completing the process.
Make separate partition for where you want to install kali linux.
Press WINDOWS+R and type “diskmgmt.msc”
Now create partition of minimum 15-25 GB by shrinking the any exiting volume.
Only shrink the drive don’t format it.


Well now see the task of power iso if it completed then restart your computer. And goto BIOS by pressing F2 key or ESC key. Depend on your computer modal. Select boot as usb option and save and exit.


Now after booting from pendrive go to Graphic Install.


Select language as you want.


Select country and click continue.


Chose key board style “American English” for normal key board style.


IP Configuration, you can choose your network automatically or manually then click on continue.


Set your Hosting Name as you want and continue.


Set your root password for “root user”. After entering administrative account password click on continue.


Now partition method click on “manual”and hit continue.


Be careful its time to select partition for kali linux. Select partition and click on continue.


Select “delete partition” and continue.


You can see the partition allocated kali installation.
Named as “free space” choose and hit continue.

Step 18.

Now choose “automatically partition the free space” and continue.

Step 19.

Select “all file in one partition” and hit continue.


Finally select “finish partition and write change to disk” and continue.


Now time to ask for permission to write change in disk. Choose “yes” and continue.


“Network mirroring chooses” you can choose as you want. We recommended you to choose “No”.


“GRUB boot loader” chooses yes and continues.


Install boot loader. Choose your hard disk for kali and continue.


Completion of installation process clicks continue.


Now Restart your pc.
After restart GRUB loader is loading.
Now time to choose os to continue.
For login in to kali linux choose “kali GNU/linux”.
Else choose window environment to start as windows.
Congratulations you have made your dual boot operating system and now time to your job in both operating systems as you want.