All of you I though that you must enjoy my previous article, today i am going to share some ideas about SIM

so as you know friend in these day hacking is in its top spme of them also uses very high standard thing for hacking but now come to point

when i open my facebook account there is many tricks and tips posted by many of my friend in them some tricks are as follow

1. get unlimited facebook for free
2.use this or that proxy for freee internet

and by seeing this you or nother user use that and enjoy that type of tricks it is good but i remind you if have had purchase any new sim you can enjoy that type of tricks but for certain time but there is no any tricks that give you the internet packs and balance so, i recomned you to no t use that type of tricks by you pc or by your mobile that may harm your pc and mobile beacause sometimes they give the proxy seeting if you use it the password and email-id or if you have the android mobile they can also delet or take all info of that ,so i though you can aware about by next time if not use them at the zero balnce