Many technologies come with the many data also but they are useful and important data and we want to save it secrelty but for that we have to burrow or purchase the software thats erritating or high in cost that we won’t purchase so you think you cannot save or hide your folder secretly but don’t worry here is trick through which you can hide the folder without any software.

–> create a folder in anywhere you want to create on your computer and copy the private data which you want to save secretly and paste in that folder.

–> Right click on that folder and select “Rename” then hold “alt” and type “0160” (don’t release alt key till the keys complete .ie. alt+1060)

–> Than right click on that folder and and select properties than choose customize tab.

–> Now click on the change icon and than select empty icon from icon panel and the empty icon is present in the 13th column of the icon bar

–> After that click on apply >> OK

its all completed if its  not working than email me