Windows operating system (OS) is most familiar for computer user. This OS becomes ruled over the world, from beginning to now days. These happened because of its graphic user based fades, it’s easy to use. Many of peoples are using windows operating system as their daily workflow.

            After these all thing we can’t forget the Linux operating system. This is also most popular or convenient OS. Linux is also most useful OS in the world of developing technology.

We have many things which we are using because of Linux and these things are become more popular now days. One of them is Android OS for mobile phones, we are familiar about that operating. Linux OS is difficult to use because of its Command user based fades. But this is not true, this matter is old. Now Linux is also running with GUI tools and its interface is also working as windows OS. Whenever we are talking about mainframe computer and about making server than Linux is dominant Os for these all because of its great features.

Reasons to switch to Linux

Free of cost and open source

Linux is completely open source and free of cost operating system compression to windows. Benefits of open source are, you can modify your operating system as you want or you can create your own operating system.
On the other hand you can Microsoft doesn’t give platform for modifying or creating your own OS. And it may force for upgrading your OS.

No need of any Antivirus

Windows is the most targeted operating system for viruses and other malwares. So, In windows you can’t live without any antivirus. Your system continuously catching at risk from viruses or malwares. In windows sometimes you have to face the problem like data lost, file error or so many problems due to viruses or malware.

Come to Linux environment, malware and viruses is all but non-existent in this environment. If you use Linux than here is more chance to become your files will be safe from viruses and malwares. In Linux you don’t need to buy and install any Antivirus or malware programs.

All popular software ability

Previous days peoples are talking that Linux have less popular application software. No need to worry about that, now Linux has their own application store. There is majority of popular application software like web browser, audio, video, documentaries apps, image editing apps and many more applications.
Most impressive thing is that, if you want to run windows programs in Linux than you can use “wine” compatibility layer software.
On other hand if u you want to run Linux program in windows there is less chance to do this task.

Application store

Linux have own “app store” you don’t need to wasting time on internet for searching your software. Here you get a space, from you can download your applications and installation will be safe. And it will auto update compatibility with your OS.


    Requirement or compatible with lower hardware

In windows you need hardware configuration as you install windows version. If your pc has doesn’t full fill the requirement than you need to modify or make more changes in your hardware configuration.
In Linux you don’t need heavy weight computer system.

No need of Drivers

In windows system you have to struggle for your drives. Finding correct driver for your windows system that may be difficult task. And you have one drive full of your drivers backup, or setup files of driver.
In Linux most of drivers are supported directly by the Linux kernel. You don’t need to struggle for your drivers like audio, video, wireless etc.

Gaming with Linux

There are many of platforms for game where’s you can download and play easily. Thanks to “STEAM” it have large range of game available.
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There are some reasons which can force to switch to Linux. At last if you install Linux operating first time than you have to face some problems, so you have some knowledge about Linux.