10 Best Cleaner for Android to Speed Up Your Android Device.

If your Android Phone space gets occupied with lots of folders, files, cache and unnecessary applications and getting slow over time. Then here is the solution with best Cleaner for Android to speed Up your Android. Many times we missed to clean these files and they create an unnecessary file which starts to slow down your Android phones. The list of best cleaner for Android helps you to optimize your Android phone by cleaning unwanted files and others. These best cleaner for Android will also make your phone safe from viruses. Basically, these cleaner helps you to optimize your RAM performance and free up space on your phone. Even many of these cleaner for android works as Antivirus and help to save your battery.

10 Best Cleaner for Android to Speed Up Your Android Device.

10 Best Cleaner for Android to Speed Up Your Android Device.

There are many file or reasons which make your Android Phones. Mainly your Android Phones get slow because of the App caches, residual files, junk files, Garbage files. In this guide, we have listed best Android cleaner to speed up your Android Phone. In this list, you will get the best cleaner for android which is most reviewed and used by the Android User. Cleaning your Android Phone will optimize your performance of your Android phones by cleaning the files. These best cleaner for android makes your task easy and helps you to speed up your Android phone. Unnecessary files get harm full for us when you have low storage and these kinds of files take space.

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List of Best Cleaner for Android to Speed Up Your Android

There is much application for cleaning and free up space from storage. But do you know which one is the best for your Android phone and how they work? Here is the complete guide with the review of best cleaner for the Android phone. You don’t need to get confused just read the review and features then decide which is the best cleaner for Android phone and which works well for you. Installing one by one or testing application is not the best way to select the best cleaner for android. So read the feature and review of application then decide to install the application.


If you are looking for the easy junk cleaner with an application cache and browser history cleaner. Then you should use this application to clean every thing in one click. It also uninstalls unnecessary applications or the applications which are harmful and free up space. Even it also takes care of the RAM for speed up your Android phone. Most amazing thing in this application is, it cleans your Android Phones without showing the ads. Means CCleaner is an ads-free cleaner for android.


  • Speed up by cleaning Junk, Cleaning application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more
  • Uninstall multiple unwanted applications Quickly and easily
  • Simple and User-friendly Interface to cleaning and speed up
  • Track of your RAM and internal storage space
  • Check the usage of your CPU, battery level, and temperature

Download CCleaner from Here

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Developer: Piriform
Price: Free

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App Cache Cleaner

If you are looking for the application which cleans your Unwanted files in some time interval then App Cache Cleaner is the best cleaner for android. You can boost your Android phone in one tap to work faster. While Cleaning process you can skip the application which you want to skip. Using this application you can remove junk and free up storage space from any apps without worrying about cleaning the wrong files and unnecessary files. If you are a game lover and want to play games with slow down your Android phone. Then this application has power cleaner which helps you to run the game faster.


  • 1 tap System Cache Clean tool for all apps.
  • Power cache cleaner for better game experience and Speed up the phone.
  • Clean background tasks, remove junk files, release storage space and save battery power
  • App manager to manage application
    • Uninstall multiple apps
    • Create Backup and Upload on Dropbox, Onedrive etc.
  • Ads free application
  • Easy and simple UI

Download App Cache Cleaner from Here

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DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

When ever you talk about the best cleaner for android or best Android cleaner tool then DU Speed Booster & Cleaner comes in the list. This is a most popular application for cleaning unwanted file and cleaning apps data. Even it also helps you to save your battery and work your phone faster. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is also best game booster application. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is one of the best speed booster, trash cleaner, and antivirus app. Which helps you to optimizes your background apps, memory space, and junk(cache) files. In this one of the best cleaner application, you will get many things including security and antivirus. It contains too many features and we are going to add some of them.


  • CPU Cooler by cleaning the apps that cause overheating
  • Move applications from phone to SD card without scrolling down
  • Secure your applications with app lock
  • Estimating remaining charge time with smart charge
  • Network booster by closing background network-occupied applications

Download DU Speed Booster & Cleaner from Here

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Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus & Free Ram

If you need the best optimization tool with space cleaner and antivirus for android devices then Cleaner Master helps to keep your phone clean and safe from virus. Clean Master helps to optimize your phone by cleaning your social media apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram without deleting your important things. According to me social apps stores large no of junk and app cache files. It also offers free antivirus to keep your phone safe from viruses, trojans and protects your privacy. Clean Master has a most amazing thing and that is WIFI security. In this security, you will secure from the insecure public wifi which provides an unauthorized connection.


  • Clean junk files and app cache from the social app without deleting important things.
  • Public WIFI security
  • Free Antivirus to protect your privacy
  • One tap cleaner to speed up RAM
  • Aditional Features- Battery Saver, Charge Master, App Lock, Game Booster etc.

Download Clean Master from here

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Advanced Task Manager

Advance Task Manager tool really works as an Advance cleaner. Because it kills the applications whenever you want. Means if you want to kill the apps at a time of startup then go ahead and use this application. Even you can manage the services also from the menu of Advance Task Manager. It shows you all running tasks and stops them in one click. The killing task doesn’t mean it kills the services and notification on your phone.

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  • Kill selected tasks
  • RAM Cleaner
  • CPU lagging monitor
  • App or game killer
  • AntiVirus – Virus Scan
  • Android optimizer
  • Ignore apps when kill tasks
  • Auto kill tasks on every screen off
  • Regular kill

Have a look on the play store of this application for more Features

Download Advanced Task Manager from Here

Advanced Task Manager
Advanced Task Manager
Price: Free

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Startup Manager

Startup Manager helps you to manage startup apps by enabling or disabling from system boot for Android devices. Actually, this is not a cleaner app but it can help you to speed up your Android. Startup basically helps you to manage the startup application and you can disable/enable the application in bulk to speed up your Android device. If you want to add any application as a favorite for boot up startup then you can do that.


  • Enable or Disable the start up application
  • Analyze and monitor all system startup entries
  • View detailed properties for each startup entry
  • Add your favorite applications to system startup

Download Startup Manager from Here

Startup Manager (Free)
Startup Manager (Free)
Developer: Daniel Ch
Price: Free

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Droid Optimizer

It helps you terminate your background apps automatically if it doesn’t need. Droid Optimer is best for making the system, applications cache, and terminates background apps Vacant automatically. It also helps you to clean browser history and increasing the battery like by disabling unnecessary applications. Even you can manage all your installed applications in one click. Droid Optimizer is free to use without showing the ads.


  • Accelerate, clean and optimize your Android Device
  • Easy to empty the system and application cache
  • Cleaning tasks occurs automatically
  • Manage all installed apps with single app

Download Droid Optimizer from Here

Droid Optimizer
Droid Optimizer
Developer: Ashampoo®
Price: Free+

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Turbo Booster (Cleaner)

It works in the background to speed up and cleaning apps cache, junk etc. It has also a speed booster which helps Android users to run the games faster. Using this tool you can recover and free up RAM memory by killing unnecessary running tasks. It stops the unused and hidden apps to speed up your Android device. Even you can delete the application which you don’t need in one click.


  • Easy to speed Up your Android Device with one click
  • Speed booster to kill unnecessary running tasks 
  • Make your games run faster
  • Delete apps you don’t use with just one touch
  • Save disk space by cleaning junk files

Download Turbo Booster (Cleaner) from Here

Turbo Booster (Speed up)
Turbo Booster (Speed up)
Developer: Softonic Mobile
Price: Free+
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360 Security Lite

It offers free Antivirus including Cleaner, App lock, and booster. In this application, you will get many things like Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, Game booster etc. While running the game it will shut down all background running application and boost your game performance. 360 Security is the well-designed app because it takes low space on your phone and works well. It will scan your local stored files and folders. It has also amazing intelligence to save your battery power when you need.


  • Game booster by closing apps automatically
  • Optimize and free up your phone memory by shutting down lurking background apps
  • Saves you all the battery power you need
  • Delete useless Android system files, large files, and app caches
  • Scan installed apps and local APK files

Download 360 Security Lite  from Here

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AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster

This application is going to help you in cleaning junk files, managing apps, saving battery and reducing data usage. This is one of the amazing application to filed duplicate files and folder and deletes them to free up space. You can set reminders to regularly clean up your device and keep it running smooth or speed up. You can also use this application to save your battery power by killing the unnecessary application. But there is an issue and i.e it offers many things after paid version.


  • Find which apps drain your battery and stop them to save power
  • Boost speed by stopping background tasks
  • Clear browsing history
  • Find easily duplicate files and folders

Download AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster from Here

AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner
AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner

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Closing Words

Many of them are the best Clean master with Antivirus and previously we have also mentioned about best Cleaner for PC. These cleaner apps are free to download and use and these are best android cleaner. There is also other best cleaner for androids like Systweak android cleaner and others. But these are the well reviewed and most popular cleaner for Android device. These all application does same work Optimize, clean and speed up your Android Device. But with the help of this guide, you can choose best Cleaner for Android Device as your need.

Don’t forget to tell us which one is best for you and why. If you think we missed any other best cleaner for android then don’t forget to tell us in the comment and we will add them by referring your name.

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