10+ Best Free Keyboard Theme Apps for Android Keyboard

Many of you are using keyboard apps for Android. So, here we are collecting some Keyboard Theme app for Android Keyboard. Many people are looking for best keyboard themes app for android. Even many of you want to change the Android keyboard background image. Here we are going to mention many types of Android theme for the keyboard. These Android phones keyboard app gives you many different things such as Emoji, GIFs etc. Using these applications you can customize your keyboard easily. If you want to change the color or want to set the images than you can do that easily with these keyboard themes applications. Even many of the keyboards are best gesture typing keyboards which help you in writing the things easily.

Free Keyboard Theme Apps

Best Free Keyboard Theme Apps for Android Keyboard.

These keyboard app for Android allows you to set many things such as emoji arts, keyboard wallpaper, beautiful theme, colorful keyboard font to key tone, etc. They also support many languages which help you to write anything in your own languages. If you want to change keyboard color or want to customize the keyboard with new style then these are the best application for customizing your keyboard. You can easily download these theme on your android device and they are free to download. They don’t charge to download and use and they are also popular among Android users. You don’t need to wander for keyboard color changing, applying theme etc. Here is the collection of keyboard application on your android phone which can do these all things easily.

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List of Best free Keyboard Themes Apps for Android Keyboard

2018 Keyboard Theme app For Android

Are you searching for the color keyboard themes? If yes, then stop reaching because this Keyboard Theme app for Android has a better collection of this. Even they allow you to download more from the developer page. This keyboard theme will change the look and shape of the keyboard buttons. This keyboard themes for Android, you can personalize the smartphone keyboard with many new themes.

New 2018 Keyboard

This awesome keyboard for Android allows you to change themes of the keyboard by adding background wallpaper from your picture gallery. It allows you to change the fonts and adjusting the keyboard button size and shape. You can easily improve your keyboard when you create your own keyboard with background, sounds and other features to create one of the most beautiful keyboards.

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2024 Keyboard
2024 Keyboard
Price: Free

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Dream Colors Go Keyboard Theme

If you want to add more themes in go keyboard then here is an application which helps you to get more. It is totally free and only for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons, and smiley faces) and you don’t need to set up the keyboard background wallpaper.

Dream Colors Go Keyboard Theme
Dream Colors Go Keyboard Theme

Glass Water Keyboard Theme

Are you looking for the tons of fancy hot themes, colorful & cute emoji, emoticons, and smileys? Then here is the best application. In this application, you will get 900+ themes, emoji, emoticons, and smileys. You can easily customize keyboard themes, emojis and select 97+ languages which all are FREE TouchPal Emoji Keyboard. Glass Water Droplets keyboard theme is the most distinctive and classic water keyboard theme.

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GO Keyboard – Emoticon keyboard, Free Theme, GIF

You can customize your Keyboard with your own favorite images and with 10000+themes. While chatting you will get 1000+ emoji and funny sticker. It has the user-friendly interface with auto correction and it supports 60+ languages. If you want to customize your text style then you can do that easily because it has many fancy and beautiful font. If you are looking for the gesture typing keyboard then here is the best option for additional customization. It also provides various layouts such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for the tablet.

Typany Keyboard – DIY Themes, Emojis to Share

If you want to set the keyboard image from your gallery you can do that easily. You can design your own emoji from hundreds of options and then share your creation. It provides you auto-complete the words you are typing and offers you an accurate next-word prediction. The keys A through Z reveal a buffet of sound effect, everything from raindrop to camel bells. Even it has a fully customizable keyboard layout.

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Sparkling Heart Keyboard Theme

If you need Sparkling Heart theme for your keyboard & text input with the real and new look then here is best keyboard theme application for Android. It contains hundreds of free and beautiful themes for your keyboard. This is a good choice to customize your android keyboard with interesting themes, emojis and other.

Sparkling Heart Keyboard Theme
Sparkling Heart Keyboard Theme

Water Screen Keyboard Theme

Do you like water droplets images or theme? If yes then here is the amazing theme for your Android keyword which helps you to set the images and provide sound on click. This Keyboard Theme gives you the beautiful keyboard is designed and give you a faster and smoother mobile keyboard experience. You can use these applications for different IM applications such as Instagram, Messenger, Facebook Lite, ES File Explorer File Manager etc.

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Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs, Themes & Games

It allows you to send text in better style, less embarrassing texts style, and higher quality writing style. This Android keyboard theme application offers tons of emoji, stickers, animated GIFs, themes and free in-app games. Even it has advanced artificial Intelligence capabilities to analyze your text, learn your writing as you type and provide you with grammar, punctuation and spelling corrections accordingly. In simple words, if you need a keyboard theme application with Word Prediction, Grammar Checker and Spell Check then go for it.

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Blue Robot Cat Theme&Emoji Keyboard

Do you need simple, speedy, and stylish keyboard theme for android? If yes then here is the best application for that. If you are Typany Keyboard users then this keyboard application for Android is also good. It has massive stylish themes and emojis with exclusive text face and stickers. Even it supports more than 85 languages.

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Rainbow Keyboard Free

if you want for a fully transformed keyboard where you can personalize every aspect of your keyboard. Then this is an application which helps you do that. You can easily customize the shape of the keyboard and apply the theme as you want. If you love text messaging and chatting with your friends on your phone, then you’ll love our new free keyboard theme.

ABC Keyboard – Cool Themes and GIFs By TouchPal

This is a FREE Keyboard app for Android devices, helps your fast and easy typing with curve and prediction. Besides, users can fast input over 1000+ emoji, GIFs, emoticons, stickers, and text face conveniently everywhere. It makes easy to turn text into funny animations, impress your friends. Even you can share a BoomText on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and other your favorite social channels.

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Closing Words

Here is the best collection of theme for the keyboard. They have also a good collection of clicking sound. Whenever you start typing then you can easily listen to the clicking the sound which you has chosen. They don’t have only Clicking sound and theme. These applications for keyboard theme have also a great collection of GIF, Emoji, Keyboard wallpapers etc. Even you can change the shape of the button. If you need the best keyboard apps for Android Devices with customization facility then here is the great collection of keyboard application. These applications can be applied in many IM applications easily. You can easily download them from Google play store.

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