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10 Best Group Video Call Apps for Android & iPhone


Are you willing for knowing how to do group video call? If yes then here is the list of best group video call apps for your Android device, iPad and iPhone. Most of them are very common apps for many Android and Ios users. But they are really doing well and making sense which is really perfect for any users. These group video call apps are proving you High-Quality video transmissions to your friends and family with data saving.

10 Best Group Video Call Apps for Android & iPhone

Forget 1-on-1 call and start using these group video call apps on your android phone or iPhone and you don’t have to keep your friends or family on hold. Keep in touch with them easily without losing the quality of the video and it doesn’t matter how much they far from us. Here we are going to compare these best group video call apps that how they are good for you.

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List of Best Group Video Call Apps for Android & iPhone

1. WhatsApp

As we know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook Inc. now. WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users globally of which about more than 200 million are from India. Well, WhatsApp has become more and more popular because of it’s one of the best feature video calls. Now using this application you can also do group video call. Previously in the month of June-July, only group video call is only available for those users who have signed up for the beta version. But after 1 August 2018 WhatsApp group video call is updated for every user.

WhatsApp is an easiest and simple app for sending text messages, sharing files, and other including group video call. Many peoples are also wondering that how to do group video call on WhatsApp. Here we are going to resolve this issue.

How to do group video call on WhatsApp

  • Open a WhatsApp conversation
  • Tap the video camera at the top right of the window
  • The video call will automatically begin and the recipient’s phone will ring
  • Once your recipient has answered, tap the add user icon at the top right corner of the screen
  • Select a second recipient to add them to the call
  • Once the second recipient has joined the call then you can also add a third recipient

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2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the second largest social media app which is also owned by Facebook Inc. Messenger has more than 1.3 millions monthly users across the world. FB messenger is similar to WhatsApp in features but it’s unable to attract user and for that, there are several reasons including the end to end encryption and users limitation as own choose. However, messenger allows you to connect 50 peoples at the same time but it can’t pull up every caller on the screen.

You can view caller face by selecting them from the thumbnail on top. Despite these only, the first six people to join the call will get the screen space at a time. Messenger also provides stickers such as country flags and face masks while calling.

How to do group video call on Facebook Messenger

  • Create a group or use an existing group
  • Choose to call all the members or seek out individuals from the group for the video call
  • You have the option to choose the person to get on the call

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3. Instagram

Instagram is another largest social media app for Android, Ios and Windows Phone. This one is also owned by Facebook Inc. It has also more than 1 million users around the world. Recently Instagram has added many features in including IGTV and group video chat. Most interesting feature in this social media app is you can minimize the call and enjoy your news feed and also you can chat with others. During the call, you can add 4 friends on call and they will show you on your screen. This one is the major bonus of Instagram that you are able to scroll through your feed or posting stories

How to do group video call on Instagram

  • You just need to select an existing chat with friends or start a new one.
  • Minimize the call and again select an existing chat and tap on the video icon.

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4. Skype

This is a free video call application owned by Microsoft. Using this application you can easily do video call to anyone. Users can start a video call with one person and add up to 25 people to the same session. You can also choose all the participants at first and then let them join the session. If a call involves more than five people, the interface will automatically switch to the ‘focus mode’ where the speaker’s face shows on most of the screen while the rest of the users will show as thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

How to do group video call on Skype

  • SIgnin into your account and then select and click on the name
  • You will + icon and then add people
  • Now click on call

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5. Google Hangouts

Hangout is the best alternative to Skype for Ios and Android. This one is also free for video and message chat. Other group video call apps need a phone number or an appropriate ID. But hangout needs your Gmail ID which is available to every android users. You can connect and video chat with up to 10 people at once. It is worth noting that Google has also released Duo, a 1-on-1 video chatting app. Rumour has it that Hangouts will shift its focus on business users while Duo will begin supporting group video calls. You can record your Hangouts group video calls and publish it directly on your YouTube channel.

How to do group video call on Google Hangouts

  • Touch the compose icon.
  • Select a contact for your Hangout by typing the person’s name, email address, or phone number in the search box. You can also select one of your contacts from the lists below the search box.
  • Touch Anyone else? in the contact box at the top of the Hangout.
  • Select one or more people to add to the Hangout.
  • Touch OK.
  • Type the message you’d like to send, and touch the send icon.
  • You also can start a group video call with all of the people by touching the video call icon.

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6. ooVoo

Oovoo is a freelance video call app that’s not owned by a tech giant. it’s accessible without charge on mobile and laptop OS platforms, however, offers no browser support.

It has become a formidable opponent within the last few years. Whereas appear is targeted at conferences, that we’ll discuss later below, ooVoo is additional centred on group video chats. you’ll be able to connect and video chat with up to eight individuals at a time.

Oovoo comes with a built-in recorder that makes it a stronger different compared to Skype wherever most of the people are scratching their heads on a way to record their Skype calls. Another distinctive feature is that the ability to look at YouTube videos along once you are on a group video call on Windows. Wait, what? Shouldn’t this feature be available on Hangouts too?

The app is free and ad-supported however you’ll be able to remove them and support synchronise to additional devices by paying $29.99/year. you’ll be able to share files, emoticons, GIFs, and stickers, like in the other app.

How to do group video call on ooVoo

  • Select users from your contact list with which you want to launch a video chat.
  • Click the Video Call button to start a video conversation (or simply double-click on the contact).

Download Oovoo (Free)


7. JusTalk

JusTalk is comparatively not so popular as a number of the behemoths mentioned in this list, however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t priced taking notice of. The app could be a specific different for creating group video calls on android.

Like ooVoo, JusTalk will allow you to record your videos calls directly from inside the app. this is often useful if you’re using it for vital discussions. I prefer the doodle feature that it comes with victimization that you’ll produce doodles on your face, or anything on the screen, whereas you’re live video chatting.

It comes with a lot of themes and other personalization options like stickers and GIFs that are available as in-app purchases. The app is free to use however ad-supported. JusTalk is available on Android and iOS. However, there is no alternative platforms or browsers are supported.

How to do group video call on JusTalk

  • Go to Friends tab, tap Groups and then the group icon on the upper right of the screen.
  • Edit your group name and select group members.
  • Type a message or select different media types you like to send group messages.
  • Tap on the group video icon on the upper right corner and select members. Each person you invited can join when they are ready with just one tap. And group members can decide whether to turn on the camera or not.

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8. IMO

IMO is more popular in third world countries wherever people mostly use it for chatting and video calling. the reason being that IMO also supports 2G and 3G network with low-quality video calling. This helps people with slower internet plans or lower end smartphones to make video calls.

When it comes to cross-platform compatibility, there isn’t abundant to write home about. Not too many options which mean the app is free from bloatware and works fast. apart from this, nothing much on offer.

The app is free however ad-supported. it’s famous to use less information when compared to other group video calling apps. IMO recommends keeping the users between 3-6 during group video calls.

How to do group video call on IMO

  • Create Chat Group
  • Name the group and tap Next
  • Now tap on the video icon

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9. Line

The line is another standard video call app available on the Android platform. apart from the all the same old options that are available on other apps, Line also allows you to form polls for feedback. This can be used for monthly or weekly group video call conferences. The line also permits you to use effects and filters live during video calls creating the app additional fun to use. Line conjointly permits you to follow accounts of public figures, however, you can’t video chat with them if they therefore choose.

How to do group video call on Line

  • Go to the chat with the friends you want to call and tap the phone icon at the top
  • Tap Video Call
  • Your friends will appear as they join the call

Download line (Free)



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10. Slack

Slack has become the go-to app for business, both small and large. It offers a chat-like interface where you’ll be able to conjointly create group video calls to up to fifteen folks. the sole caveat is that the feature is available for paid users. Where Slack shines is its ability to connect and work with the variety of third-party apps like Drive, Hangouts, Appear, and Dropbox to name a few. You’ll be able to also use Slack to make group video calls using other third-party apps like Zoom and Skype. You can do group video call up to 15 members. You can join by clicking “Join this call.” Click the camera button to turn it into a video call.

File storage is restricted at 10GB per user within the professional set up. Slack is additionally offered for just about each platform together with browser support. there’s support for emojis, emoticons, and files. Slack is concentrated on business users who are looking to work and collaborate together. pricing begins at $8/mon per user.

How to do group video call on Slack

  • Open a channel then click the phone icon and confirm that you want to start a call and name the call(optional)
  • click “Start new call.”
  • Your call will be posted to the channel and any team member

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Closing Words

These are the best collection of group video call in your Android and iPhone. Even most of them are also best windows/Mac video call apps. Most of them are also better alternatives to facetime and other inbuilt apps like Google Duo. If you are looking for the solution how to do group video call on these apps then hers is the solution. If you are looking for the best conference video call app then these are the best.

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