10+ Best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser.

Previously we have discussed many things about security. Here we give you new things in security and that is Security Extensions for Chrome Browser. As we know Chrome is the Best Browser for PC. Chrome and another Browser have their own store where you can install any extension adds on etc. So, now here we are providing you the best internet security extensions for the Chrome browser that you must have.

If you are a regular Google Chrome browser then you must have these best security extensions. These best security extensions for chrome browser are going to helps you in many cases. We are going to carry many things such as best ads blocker, Best browser VPN, Password Managers, etc. Here you will get the best google chrome antivirus and other. These best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser helps you to secure your browsing.

10+ Best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser.

10+ Best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser.

If you are looking for the best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser than here you will get the best extensions to protect your browsing. Many of these extensions help you to secure your password and clean your browsing history. These all are the best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser to protect your browser and make it safe. If you don’t have an antivirus application then you don’t need to worried about that.

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Here We are going to focus on the best Extensions which helps you to protect and prevent being get hacked. These tons of extensions help you to protect your privacy. These online security tools works better and make your browsing secure. You can choices and trust in these security browser extensions for Chrome for privacy. Without wasting the time just have look at these Best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser.

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List of Best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser


The best VPN for accessing the websites with installing any VPN application. If you are using the public network for browsing then it will be helpful for you. It allows you to access 20 countries and no one can track your searches and visited websites. If the websites are blocked for your reasons then you will able to access them anywhere in the world. Even we previously also reviewed about this VPN for browsers and VPN for PC.

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Avast Online Security

Now another Best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser. This extension helps you to find the secure website for your searched result by google. After using this plugin you can securely login anywhere and they don’t allow you to put your data at risk. It also protects you from attacks like phishing attacks and warns you if a site is deemed. Even they show the users reviews of those websites which you want to visit. If you want to get Block annoying tracking cookies that collect data on your browsing activities then it will help you.


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Do you want to see who is tracking your web browsing? Then here is the best security extension for chrome browser which helps you to get the details. It’s easy to understand how any can track your browsing history. Because whenever you browse than your data leaves a digital footprint. The footprints are connected to the tracking technology which helps the companies to make a profile of your most visited data. For this previously we mentioned the list of search engines who don’t track you. Now despite this now you have an extension for chrome browser.


Secure Mail for Gmail

A security extension which helps you to send emails in encrypts mode and decrypts the Gmail emails after receiving. You can use this tool with some easy steps. You can get the files in Github because it is an open-source security extension for chrome browser. It uses symmetric encryption to encrypt and decrypt your every email and message. It doesn’t give you a password, you have to enter your own password which makes it more secure.

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If you are looking for the best password manager for your browser than here is the best one. Using this tool you don’t need to remember too many passwords. Just remember only one password and that is on LastPass and you can access your all login websites anywhere, anytime and on any device. It stores your login usernames and passwords of any website. Even if you have even changed anything in your password or anything then you can easily edit, view and delete. About this, we have also mentioned our best accessories for the laptop guide.


Secure Browsing

Before clicking on any website links make sure that is safe. If you want to make sure that then here are the other best security extensions for the chrome browser. It informs you of the potential online threats that may be hidden behind the link you are going to click. They examine the links and files which you are going to use. They are examined links and files based on VirusTotal that integrates data from Avira, Bitdefender, Comodo Site Inspector and yet other sixty online security and scan services in real-time, simultaneously.


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WOT: Web of Trust

It allows you to do secure browsing with their feature. It gives you security and reputation score which helps you to see that the visited page is safe or not. Even they warn you if they get any unsafe results regarding that website. They have three buttons which show you the score of the website. If you have searched anything in any search engine then they also show you the security score of that website. It has two types of protection mode one is Real-time Protection and another is Manual Mode. Both have their own work.

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If you are looking for the best cleaner extension with the malware scanner then go for it. It protects your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activities. Even it clean up your hard drives and Free up more disk space, including secure file deletion using external cleaner applications.


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If someone sends you a shorten URL then and try to attack you then here is the tool which gives you complete details of that URL. It will also automatically remove known tracking cookies from the URL. Even it has the list of over 400 popular link shortening services with regularly updated. One of this best security extensions for chrome browser give you a clear view of the security of the destination URL.


HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension created by EFF and the Tor Project which automatically switches thousands of sites from insecure “HTTP” to secure “https”. It will protect you against many forms of surveillance and account hijacking, and some forms of censorship. The HTTPS Everywhere is an open source security extension for chrome here. It also gives important notes regarding many issues please read that before using.


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Closing Words

Here you have seen most useful or must have security extension for chrome browser. They are one of the best extensions which make you browsing secure with their own features. Before using please read the reviews for what they know for and then go for that. These best security extension for chrome browser are really helpful in many ways and if you want to bo secure browsing without tracking then go for that. Personally, I recommend you to use one of them as your requirements.

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