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13 Free Best Browser Games to Play Offline in Chrome [2021 Updated]


15 Free Best Browser Games to Play Offline in Chrome

These are best browser games to play offline in the browser. They all are well-reviewed games and most played browser games. Well, these all best browser games are categorized by all kinds of categories. Previously someone asks me that “Is there any best Action or RPG games available for browser”. Then I replied him yes, there are many best browser games to play offline or online. Even there are many categories to play best browser games and they are- Arcade & Action, Board & Card, Puzzle & Brain, Role Playing & Strategy, Sports games, and Virtual words games. One more thing you should know that there are many online browser games which you don’t need to install or add and you can play them online.

15 Free Best Browser Games to Play Offline in Chrome

I have a question, Are you looking for top browser games or best browser games? If yes, then stop wandering you are in right place. Because we have listed many top browser games or best browser games in this guide. Every category is carried best free browser games and there is no restriction on adult browser games everyone can play. After getting this list of games you don’t need to go any other browser games to play them offline. There are many good online games which can be played easily but why we go for that when we have already the list of best browser games which can be played offline.

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Best Browser Games to Play Offline in Chrome

Many of you don’t know about browser games so here we are going to discuss that. Without wasting your time I would like to say “The games which can be played without any system requirements and which can be played easily. Even you don’t need to install or run on your system and they don’t need high configuration”. Here we mentioned these kinds of games for you to play them offline. There are many games which on the list of best multiplayer games even you can invite your friends to play.

List of Best Browser Games to Play Offline in Chrome

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If you love to play card games then Solitaire is best and 100% free games to play offline in the browser. Solitaire is one of the best browser games in cards games categories. For playing the solitaire you don’t need to download or any registration required. It contains many beautiful cards set and background. Even you can choose the background design card set designs to look beautiful. In Solitaire easy to move cards with the dual click and you can also save the game for the next time. Solitaire has many features and you can play this online in your browser if you don’t have Chrome from here.

Features of Solitaire

  • Free to play every time anywhere
  • Collections of best colourful cards and background
  • while playing you can do unlimited Undo & Redo
  • Hint option is available for next move
  • You can save the game progress and much more

[appbox chromewebstore solitaire/lkbhppfbabandkdmgjmifahoabeodiep]

Cut the Rope

The Cut the Rope, I think every android user know about that game. This is the best offline game for Android and now best browser game. Here you have a monster whom you have to give the candy with collecting excellent level of starts. In this, you have to find the hidden prize and get more rewards. It has also many challenging levels where you have to collect more stars and unlock the various hidden prizes.

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Features of Cut the Rope

  • Challenging Levels
  • Cross the levels and collect gold stars
  • Get rewards and discover hidden prizes

[appbox chromewebstore cut-the-rope/jfbadlndcminbkfojhlimnkgaackjmdo]

Super Hangover

It is an interesting arcade with full of adventures. Here you play a role as a groom who has to reach his own marriage. Here you have many problems and after crossing the problems you have to for the marriage. While running you have the cross through dogs, bats, and also collect golds. It has interesting levels with different difficulties and challenges. You can play this game online in the browser from here No internet connection required after starting the game.

Features Super Hangover

  • 100% free to play in browser
  • You can play online in browser
  • 10+ Difficult levels with different difficulties
  • Lots of fun by killing Dogs and Bats.
  • Collect gold and unlock new levels

[appbox chromewebstore super-hangover/dnkphodakjdddjfpilljonjcoenppaki]

Funky Karts

If you love to play racing games with funny tasks then this is best games. In this game, you have to collect more coins in limited time. It available for free but if you want to purchase something then you have to spend ₹60.00 – ₹243.00 per item. It is better in graphics and runs smoothly in small size. If you like jumping on the wall and smashing the robots then go for it.

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Features of Funky Karts

  • Jumping on walls
  • Smashing the Robots
  • Collect coins and ride with your favorite karts
  • Complete your goal in limited time
  • Play more than 40 levels with many difficulties

[appbox chromewebstore funky-karts/jbgibbcljlbkkeaogjofolcbakcokmie]


The Contranoid is two actor game where you have to fill your place with opposition color. This is the simple game in look but when you start playing then the result comes out what you can do. In the Contranoid game, you have to control a paddle to catch ball bouncing back after ravaging by the opponents. in game fields. This game reviewed by many peoples because it looks like an 1897 game platform.

Features of Contranoid

  • Play with your friends on one device.
  • Control a paddle to catch balls.
  • Catch different power-ups to boost your own progress.
  • Best multiplayer and single-player game on one device
  • Download in Android, iPhone, Windows Phone here.

[appbox chromewebstore contranoid/ineojkjjajpfglpmjnndfioncfjkmmdn]

Mahjong Gardens

Mahjong Gardens provides you with some pieces of tiles with the same design and you have to match them and remove them from the list. This is the game of identifying tiles with the same design and you have to match as much as possible in less time. Mahjong Gardens is the delightful version game of ancient Chinese games. If you unable to find the tiles then choose hint and go ahead.

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Features of Mahjong Gardens

  • Match identical pieces of tiles and remove them.
  • Delightful version game of ancient Chinese games with lots of fun.
  • No time limitation.
  • Re-shuffle the board if you can’t.
  • Tile-matching using five different layouts.

[appbox chromewebstore mahjong-gardens/koaoomcdpjdbomceokfkgokojoaiadal]

Word Search Puzzle Game

If you love word puzzle games this is the best browser game to play with words. start playing games with 3000+ themed word searches. Start playing with easy levels and you have to cross every level to unlock hard levels. While playing you will Get bonus points for finding words with only their first letter revealed. If you will be stuck then there is the option of hint just tap on it. Word Search Puzzle game is best browser game for free but if you want to purchase anything then it can be in $1.99 only.

Features of Word Search Puzzle Games

  • More than 3000 themed words searches
  • Level based on your ability
  • Hint option if you stuck
  • 12,000 words by solving theme based puzzles

[appbox chromewebstore word-search-puzzle-game/jninklaodadoeedinndhhlcflpmagfhd]

Green Madness

Green Madness is small shooting game but it’s not going to be easy. The deads are coming back and you have to save your land as Green Madness. Green will have to use his shotgun to beat the bosses and his horde of minions to save their land. Get rewarded with lots of golds and unlock the challenges.

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Features of Green Madness

  • Shotgun to beat the enemies
  • New levels with different challenges
  • Customise Green’s appearances with several Skins

[appbox chromewebstore green-madness/nfjbkpkmnjkbabikjacbaobecbacmadh]


Polycraft is the best browser games in the list of RPG Games. Here you can build your own dream island in 3D graphics. You can also build your own army who follows your order. Build your own defence structure with best armours and save your place. Polycraft is the best role-playing with build own structures and exploring the island with many mysteries. Basically, you are stuck here and you have saved yourself by building these things.

Features of Polycraft

  • 3D Tower Defense games
  • Building your own Island
  • Build your own Army
  • Make your defence structure strong with best armours

[appbox chromewebstore polycraft/eopfmbpfhhfnklgmjpoehcjaajhpbhbl]

Save the Day

Here you have to save the peoples who are stuck on hills and between the fire. Here you have a helicopter full of water and you have thrown the water on the fire and save the people. Save the people in large number in less time. Pick them from the unsafe place and send them to the safe place in helipad area. Save the people as much as possible and unlock the new stage.

Features of Save the Day

  • Action with fun
  • Time limitation to save the peoples
  • Unlock new areas
  • Keep saving and get more points

[appbox chromewebstore save-the-day/enmmbcfhecnpnnifkdkocjabgkjpcicl]


2048 is the puzzle game and here you have a list of numbers on tiles and you have to fix the numbers. Mainly here you have created the largest volume numbers tiles before running out of free space. You can play this game on your Android phone and Windows Phone.

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Features of 2048

  • Create the largest number of tiles
  • Time limitation Word Puzzle game

[appbox chromewebstore 2048/jcjbnkncddbeomhaacaeokhfnefibpde]

Bubble Shooter

Shoot the bubbles and make the highest score on the leaderboard. In this game, you will get the bubbles with colors and you have to shoot them in the perfect place. When you shoot them then the bubble will blast and make more place to next level. If you can’t shoot on the perfect place then bubbles will fall on your screen and you will lose the game. You can play this game on your Android phone and iPhones.

Features of Bubble Shooter

  • Shooting with bubbles
  • Time to show your perfect aim

[appbox chromewebstore bubble-shooter/dcdlnbbnjknldpikkllanljjbnegnnei]

Basket & Ball

This the game between basket and ball where you are as a ball who have to put on a basket. It looks easy that you can complete the task easier but it not true. Because when you start the game then you have to pass through obstacles and perils scattered. Here you are not playing with the normal ball, the ball is also making the face and when he is in difficulty then it will cry.

Features of Basket & Ball

  • Collect stars wit crossing the difficulties
  • Face making an act creating the ball
  • Pass through obstacles and perils scattered

[appbox chromewebstore basket-ball/lbofgfgfgdkllfnfmipceliihehcmbmd]

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Closing Words

Here we mentioned all best browser games for you and all they never upset you. These all are best browser games are most reviewed and many players are playing daily. Many of these games are best multiplayer browser games. If you are looking for best browser games which are best multiplayer browser games to play with your friends then here is the list. These all games are best browser games of 2017 or ever because they are most played games.

Hope! you like these best browser games and you will like to play these best browser games.  You can also suggest us about this article in the comment. If you Like this article then Please Like us on Facebook, Subscribe and Share it with your friends.

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