3 Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Doing business without an internet presence is getting more and more impossible as customers turn to search engines for everything from household goods to luxury items. This means boosting your marketing strategy to take advantage of online sales and expanding your presence in the minds of your target audience. Three things you can do to help boost marketing are to create email sign-up lists, use up sales and cross-sales, and be active on social media.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

3 Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Marketing

Up Sales and Cross Sales

Having your product catalog online is one thing, actively using it to promote and increase sales is another one. It is a good idea to streamline your product descriptions to highlight important information and to include up sales or cross sales on each description page. Websites like www.smokingthings.com use these product placements to show customers which accessories would go well with your products and which other items you offer are similar. You can also have lists of the most popular products, complete kits, and more easily available to customers from your home page.

Email Sign-up Lists

Email newsletters have come a long way from the early days when the sign-up lists were handwritten next to registers, these days algorithms target customers and highlight products and services they are interested in to provide custom-tailored newsletters to your inbox. This can help your client base see what you are offering and how it compares to their shopping list as well as update them on important company news, informational blog posts, and more. Offering incentives to customers like access to exclusive deals and coupons can increase your lists and you can find online software solutions to help you target newsletters.

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Social Media

It is not enough to simply be on social media platforms as a brand these days, you will also need to be interactive with your followers and take advantage of the things each platform offers. Facebook, for example, allows you to have a shop on their platform so customers do not have to click away to shop and Instagram lets you put links to products in your stories for customizable advertisement. Engaging with customers through promotions, contests, and listening to their feedback are also good ways to boost your marketing because it keeps your brand in the public conversation.


Your internet marketing campaign can be boosted by many things, some of which you can do on your own such as incentivize customers to sign up for email newsletters, cross-promote and up sell items on your website and use the tools social media platforms offer to companies. The more engaged you are with your customers in these ways, the more you can see your sales increase.

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