5 Benefits of Cobots in Industry With Major Facts.

Cobots better known as collaborative robots are the future of automation. Robots that collaborate naturally with human colleagues at the factory are what industries need at the moment to create and maintain jobs and to further the business of the factory. In this article I am going to describe the benefits cobots in industry.

Cobots are now available in hundreds of manufacturing entities throughout the world. Cobots are not limited to large high profit manufacturers only. No. Small manufacturing entities are also part of the fray when it comes to using cobots for automation. These benefits of cobots in industry are going to help you in many ways.

Benefits of Cobots in Industry

5 Benefits of Cobots in Industry

The uptake of cobots has significantly increased over the last five years as different companies see the difference they are making in their competitors production process. Companies in different industries are enjoying a range of benefits the major one being an increase in sales and profits. Here is the list of some benefits cobots in industry.

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What Are The Major Benefits of Using Cobots in Industry?

1. Ease of automation

First, cobots are quite easy to acquire.  Compared to traditional robots in terms of price, companies do not have to over leverage themselves to acquire cobots.  They are a relatively cheaper method for companies to automate their production processes. From data collected from cobot’ users, it has been established that companies are able to gain back their investment within a year of acquiring a cobot.

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Secondly, cobots are actually quite easy to use. They are easily assembled once they get into the factory floor. It can take a maximum of one working day to have the cobot ready to work thus saving valuable time. In addition, it is easily programmable and the company only needs to train its workers to become robot operators without the need for additional employees.

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2. Boost in production

Companies that acquire notice a boost in production immediately. A cobot can be assigned tasks that are quite tedious to human workers. Tasks in the factory that are either dangerous or boring that are integral to the production process can be assigned to cobots. Unlike human beings, they will not get tired or bored and thus they will streamline that part of the production process, leading to a visible increase in production.

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3. Boost in quality of products

Using cobots in the manufacturing process leads to an increase in the quality of products and work done. First, cobots are highly precise and accurate. Assigning those tasks that require these two skills will realize reduced defective products and reduced waste. Tasks such as assembling electronic components that requires high levels of accuracy can be easily completed to perfection by cobots.

Secondly, cobots are quite flexible and adaptive. Products normally have very short life spans in the market.  Using cobots enables companies to change their product as fast as the market changes.

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4. Cobots can handle a myriad of tasks in the factory

Most times, companies buy cobots as a result of a particular challenge in their production process. Once the cobot arrives in the factory, they discover that with a simple change in programming and a few external accessories where necessary, the cobot can be assigned as many task as the company has.

It can be used for pick and place tasks, welding, polishing, screwing and in hospitals to assist with surgeries.

From this list, it is evident that the cobot is a highly flexible machine and beneficial to any organization serious with its need for automation.

5. High safety standards

There are many companies with robots that cannot work together with their workers. This creates unwanted production bottlenecks such as loss of time by having to switch off the robot to enable the factory to move to the next stage of production.

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Closing Words

These are some useful researched points on the benefits cobots in industry. Cobots on the other hand are made with the safety of their human colleagues in mind. Collaborative robots are highly intuitive. When they sense a human being in their work area they slow down by themselves to avoid accidents. As a result, they can easily work on the assembly line with human workers making the process fast and efficient.

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