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About us- Tele Trick Mania is founded in May 2016. Previously we are working on Blogger with short ideas means without describing the thing in many words. We just write the tricks and don’t define anything, but time changes and now you can see our article, they are described and written in the easiest language to make you understand easily. Tele Trick Mania provides you many ways to use your system as professionals. Here you learn about many things which will make you different from others.

about us

About us- Tele Trick Mania

Tele Trick Mania focused on Security, Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and many more tricks which will make your task easy. We also focus on online tricks, SEO Tips, Small Hacking tricks, new ways to utilize technology resources and much more things about the technology.

Our authors write the article or provide material to our readers which are analyzed or practiced by us. We tried our best and share our personal experiences ideas, which are helpful for you.

Aashirvad Kumar is founder of this website and Ritik Sharma handshake with Tele Trick Mania without demanding anything. He is with me because he wants to improve the quality and increase the value of this website with his useful articles. Tele Trick Mania can’t thank him because he is the childhood friend of Aashirvad Kumar. Here we also want to thanks, Rahul Dubey our inspiration. And who help us with his knowledge as the elder brother. Now time to meet our team and read all about us.


Meet our Team

Aashirvad Kumar
Founder & Author
Aashirvad Kumar is a full-time blogger and he is an owner of this website. Computing is his passion and enjoys learning new tips and tricks related to technology. He wants to give you better ways of doing special things in our system. You can contact him for review the products and for buying guide before buying.
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Ritik Sharma
Ritik Sharma is tech lover and he enjoys writing about latest gadgets, apps, software and various useful interesting tips & tricks and many more about technology.
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Hope! You all are getting useful information from Tele Trick Mania. If you have any queries then go through our Ask? & Contact us form and you also free to comment on that particular topic.