Things you do before applying for Google Adsense

As we know Google Adsense is best ad network and best online making money platform for bloggers or as your passion on working online. Getting approved in Google Adsense is not easy. Because Google Adsense changes your passion into money. I remember when I start blogging then I read many articles before applying. If you search in Google that ‘how to get Google Approved?’ then you will get millions of results. Here you can raise a question then why you are writing this article? Good question, because many of these articles are outdated or not update regularly and many of them are not working due to changes in Google Adsense policies. Every webmaster has a dream to get approved by Google Adsense. Google AdSense also offers you to make money from youtube.

Things you do before applying for Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Before applying Adsense you must read carefully about their policy and term. They also help you to get approve and I personally recommend reading these two topics carefully. Adsense policy also very helpful to creating your website with good content and increase your traffic they also make easy to get approved in less period of time. You should have followed some ways which are not against the policy.

In this article, you will see many topics which are covered and you don’t have to wander for particular topics related to Google Adsense. Here you will get many answers related to Google Adsense like what to do before applying Google Adsense? , Requirement of Google Adsense?, How to avoid the rejection from Adsense? and much more. Remember AdSense Terms and Conditions vary according to the country where your billing address is located.

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Adsense care about their policies and examine your website carefully. So your content must be unique from other, and your content must not be against the Google Adsense.

Why Google Adsense popular among blogger?

it is popular and oldest network among the publishing and work on the pay per click. Adsense have more than the 10000 satisfied customers. it pays on time if we do work in a good way we can get everything we want through the blog and Adsense. Google Adsense is a better than the another network. everybody was running behind them but the getting approval is not so easy because google has many term and condition and policies.You make some little mistakes and you get disapproval or your blog might be closed, Here I tell you what you are the reason behind it.

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Things to do before applying Google Adsense.


A website with the good hosting platform with the domain name and you can use Bluehost’ (I recommend) for hosting your website and domain name through any domain name provider like Godaddy, BIGROCK, etc. Among these things you must better website site views, good contents should carry, un-copyrights materials and contents should be fresh. The website should be active from last six month before applying for Google Adsesnse. You can also start with subdomain from Blogger, Youtube, and WordPress they are best for start blogging. And if you are a regular visitor of Tele Trick Mania then you will see our website also starts with subdomain with blogger.


Your website should have 50 posts with your own language not be copy-paste from another site. And also images should not be copyrighted or copied from other sites. The post which you published they should be user-friendly. If your contents are related to hacking/cracking, sexual topic, alcohols related topic or any other which are not users friendly and against the Adsense privacy then you will get rejected. There are many topics which are not following the rules of Adsense rule and they will be big reasons to get rejected. Your post length should be minimum 500-1500 words.

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Traffic source

Many of us spending money on buying traffic for our website. Then remember Adsense doesn’t allow this and they got you rejected or banned permanently. Google hate this traffic which is paid and mostly penalises them so there is not a damn chance to getting approved. You should have minimum unpaid 50-100 visitors daily. They can analysis your traffic. If you getting traffic from search engines then it is too good because Google prefers first to search engines for traffic to any website. If your website or blog doesn’t get regular good traffic then don’t get worried just focus on your articles or contents. Just update your website to get good traffic.

Ad network

Many of people have a question that can I use another ad network for ads then yes, you will but they don’t contain illegal items like spreading the virus, distracting users presences, and much more which Google doesn’t allow. Despite these, I recommend you to use affiliation network ads to earning money.

Many users also ask a question that “can I apply for other ad provider network when we have Google Adsense?” then yes you can apply for other networks when you have Google Adsense.

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Webmaster & Analytics

Before applying for Google Adsense you should do one more task and that is applied for webmaster and Analytics. They also help you to get approved. They analyse your website traffic and create an index for your website and make easy to reach visitors to your website and analyse the traffic. Webmaster verifies your ownership and analytics for seeing your real traffic of your website. They are very helpful for bloggers and you can apply for both Google webmaster and Bing webmaster. Because they both are one of the best search engines or we can say most used search engines. And for analytics, you should go through Google analytics. Sign up with these and they will help you increase your traffic and in many ways.

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Pages on your website.

All blogger should create these pages. Because these pages make your website valuable and these pages provide better user experiences to readers and Google loves it.

  1. About us page

About us defines your website and it needs because many of our readers want to know about the website and this page will define you and your team. It makes your website attractive and visitors can faith on your website, they got impressed and they can know about you easily. It defines your website or blog in brief and you should write minimum in 5 paragraphs with correct details with you teams details if you have.

  1. Contact us page

Your website should have a contact us page to easily contact with you. It helps readers or ad provider to send you message immediately if they have queries related to your website. It helps you with many types if anyone wants to promote their product through your blog then they can go through this. You can also create a contact form and feedback form. This page helps the Google Adsense team that you actually concern about your readers and not only the money.

  1. Privacy Policy

Privacy policies define about some important information about your website to your visitors like cookies info, device specific information, location information and much more. It shows your website is trusted and visitors don’t get harmed to visit this site. Some bloggers and website owners mistakenly believe that, because they don’t collect any information, they don’t need a privacy policy at all. However, your visitors will not know you don’t collect their information unless you tell them.

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Design matter in blog.

I your page were poorly design having bad type of designing and other management, what will happen; the next time reader wouldn’t visit your website. The page which is design badly were hard to understand and hard for the visitor. You must have the neat and design pages which are good on look.

Topic must comply with the Google Adsence policies.

Your website must have the meaningful content, traffic must be organic, title must be in original content and having the clear content with your title, site which are poorly coded design or usually design are rejected. So you to complete the guidance and list of things that you need to clear before you applying for Google Adesense.

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Closing words

Google Adsense is best ad provider network because as we know Google one of the best search engine and most of peoples are prefer to search through Google on their topic. Personally I am telling you this is an amazing way to earning money online with your passion working online. But regarding these all thing you should read Adsense policy and terms carefully these are most important for all for starting blog or website with Adsense.

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As we discussed before how they helpful for us. Google looks on your website very carefully what is not should be on your website and what is against the terms or Adsense policy. If Google gets unwanted materials on your website then it will noticed you and you have to follow the instruction which are highlighted by Google otherwise you will be blocked permanently.

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