Best 6 Text To Speech Online Converter Website List.

Many times we get irritated with reading many pages of the document or reading an article online. After some time we start thinking someone’s read these lines for us and we will listen to listing music, it not going to so melodious I think. Continuously reading on the Computer screen is also harmful to us and it also feels like lazy after some time. Instead of reading those document if we will listen to audio then we can use them as we want. If you want best websites list for converting text to speech then here is the list.

Best 6 Text To Speech Online Converter Website List.

Text To Speech

Previously some year’s Text to Speech becomes popular and many of us want to use this way for reading. Converting the text to speech there are many applications are available which make your task easy. Those applications can be used on your Android or on your PC. If we talk about text reading then we will see around that we are surrounded by web pages or document reading and if we got the easy way reading these document then why we don’t use. These WebPages make your task easy. We can listen to those texts in multi-language. Even Mozilla Firefox Started text converter into speech in his reader view.

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List of website text to speech converter.

Here we are looking for few best website lists for text to speech converting. This also helps in E-Learning and helpful for student learning student can use them as audio and they can use them anywhere anytime. These are the best free text to speech online converter websites. Many of these are have the best text to speech software which can be used in your system.

It is a simple text to speech converter. It can convert into 3 languages first in English second in French and third is in Spanish. will provide you to listen to the speed of voice and volume of speech. Its most amazing feature is you can convert text into speech with many files like PDF file, Word file, Plain text file, PowerPoint file, RSS newsfeed, Emails, and WebPages also. If you don’t want to visit the site regularly then you can also use an extension in your Mozilla firefox and chrome browser and you can grab any text you find while surfing the web.

This Online text to speech converter best of all. With this website, bloggers can podcast, instant TTS blog podcast, and Quick and Simple integration. If you upload a file then it will get converted and you can download them. You can Upload Doc, PPT, XLS, PDF, Html types of files. Bloggers can use API on their web page. The user can add the extension on their Chrome browser. You can download them, Podcast them or even embed it as an object on any web page and that support HTML. Here you can Demo for and User can use its app in many voices. This website is helpful for both means for personal use and as the blogger.

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This website contains many things instead of translating the text only. It also acts as a Dictionary search, Spell Checker etc. it supports many languages. can translate all most all languages in 52 languages.  You can also use its extension on your browser and it support in Mozilla, Chrome and Opera browser. In this website, you can Copy-Paste the text use virtual keyboard increase or decrease text size, translate and speak many things are given for user help. You can translate your text with the help of 2 translators Google translator and Microsoft translator you can go through these for your translated texts. Regular use of this website you can get masters in foreign languages because it has more many languages with speech facility.

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It is completely free web service for translating your text into speech. You can translate a large amount of text at a time and you can listen to your translated text online and then you can download them as you want with your supported file extension.

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It supports many types of file extension to convert text into a speech like PDF, DOC, TXT, HTML file, web page and RSS. Users can use various languages and they can adjust the speed of reading. After converting the text they can download the audio file with good quality. They can also be embedded, podcast or email the file which is converted. Bloggers can use API of the ReadTheWord.


It easy to use and its homepage is so simple you just need to type and or paste the words which you want to listen or want to translate into speech. The good thing is you don’t need to register yourself just use it. Here you can convert at least 5 languages. It can convert your text into mp3 files.

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Closing words.

Using these sites you can make your life easier. You can make your large amount of text into audio with an easy way to handle and use. These websites are very useful for those who have to read many document and papers and they don’t want to see continuously seeing on their PC screens. You can use these file anytime and anywhere instead of opening our paper or don’t want to see on our screen. There are lots of web services which provide these kinds of tasks and they are, Paralink TTS, TextAloud, ZAMAR.   I hope these all web list of TTS are helpful for all and now they can choose their website for their use. Tell us in the comment box if it is helpful.

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