15 Best Android Apps to Make your Android Device More Smarter

Android is an operating system Mostly found in each and every Mobile and one of the Best Feature of Android is it allows customization to the Phone User. It’s True that most of the features are hidden behind the root access, there is much more to explore without the root access. With a Little Know-how and Some Android apps, You will be able to change the appearance of your Android device exactly as you want it. Here we providing you with the complete list of best Android apps to coustomize your phone.

15 Best Android Apps to Make your Android Device More Smarter

15 Best Android Apps to Make your Android Device More Smarter

But Most of the People Don’t Know How to make Android device More Smarter? So, Today I will Share some best Android apps that will help you to make your Android device smarter and also these best android apps will set you on the right path. So Let’s Start with Basics and useful best Android apps.

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List of Some best Android apps of 2017

1.Best Android Apps in Launchers

Launchers are usually considered as the home screen or app drawers, that will help you to customise the home screen of your Android device. There are Plenty of Launchers available in the play store, But most of them are useless and harm your android device. So We’ve got some Best Launchers to customise the home screen of your Android Device:-

1.1 Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the best launcher among all of the available launchers in play store. It replaces your home screen with one you can control and customise. With the help of Nova Launcher, you will be able to change icons, layouts and animations as exactly you want. Some of the features are locked behind the premium version, but it’s still very useful if you want to use the free features only.

Features –

  • Icon Themes
  • SubGrid Positioning
  • Color Controls
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Scrollable Dock
  • Import Layout
  • Fast Launcher Ever

[appbox googleplay com.teslacoilsw.launcher]

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1.2 Solo Launcher-Clean, Smooth, DIY

Solo Launcher is one of the Top 3 Launchers in the category on Google Play store. This Launcher Enables you to change the appearance of your home screen of your device So it works in the way you want. It takes up a Small Amount of Space in your Phone and it can also boost your device performance by restoring and cleaning your phone’s memory.

Features –

  • Quick Gestures
  • DIY with Photos
  • Beautiful Themes
  • Beautiful Backgrounds
  • Smart Widgets
  • Beautiful Fonts
  • Battery Saver

[appbox googleplay home.solo.launcher.free]

2. Best Android Apps in Icon Packs

Icon Packs are the Best Android apps available on play store that helps you to replace your all icons with the customised one. The Icon Packs are Free to Install and Everyone can Install Icon Packs to make their icons look cool. But the problem is that the most of the people don’t have an idea of best icon packs available on play store. So We’ve Got Some Best Icons Pack to make your Android phones smarter:-

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2.1 Materis – Icon Pack Free

Materis Icon Pack is one of the Best Icon Packs available on Playstore that supports most of the launchers. With the help of this icon pack, you can customise your icons into unique, interesting and colourful icons. You will be surprised when you use the features of Materis icon pack.

Features –

  • 920+ Icons
  • 70+ Wallpapers
  • Dynamic Themes
  • Request Icons
  • Support and Regular Updates

[appbox googleplay blaze.pixel.materis.theme]

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2.2 Pixel Icon Pack-Nougat Free UI

Pixel Icon Pack is another great Icon Pack to Customise your Android device and make it smarter. With the help of Pixel Icon Pack, You have access to 5900+ icons, beautiful themes, amazing backgrounds and Much More. You have to install one of the above Launchers to have access to these Icon Packs.

Features – 

  • 5900+ Icons
  • High-Resolution Icons
  • Premium Icons Request
  • Material Theme Dashboard
  • Supports Dynamic Calenders
  • Live Wallpaper Support

[appbox googleplay com.themezilla.pixelui]

3. Best Android Apps in Widgets

Widgets are an important part of home screen customization. Users can customise and move the widgets across their home screen. Widgets will add some features and content to your home screen and make it easy to customise your Android device. So Let’s Get Started:-

3.1 Buzz Widget

Buzz Widget is a Set of Customizable Widgets including music, watch, weather, clock, date and much more. You can easily use and customise the widgets created by other users and also you can create your own widgets with the unlimited customization.

Features –

  • Apply 100000+ Widgets with just a Single Click.
  • No Third Party Interference
  • Create own Widgets Easily
  • Background Themes and Colours Available
  • Manage Created Widgets Easily.

[appbox googleplay com.buzzpia.aqua.appwidget.clock]

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3.2 Zooper Widget

Zooper is the another best Widget that helps you to customise your home screen as exactly you want it. One of the Best Feature of this Widget is that It Doesn’t use much memory on your phone. Some of the features are locked behind the Paywall, But it’s still useful if you want to use it for free.

Features – 

  • Sample Templates Available, No Need to Download anything
  • Create your own Templates easily.
  • Battery Info
  • World Clock
  • Moon Rise, Set and Illumination Info
  • Static Bitmaps
  • Task integration

[appbox googleplay org.zooper.zwfree]

4. Best Android Apps in Lock Screens

Lock Screens are user interface element used by most of the operating systems and also included in the list of best Android apps that makes your Android device more smarter. They regulate immediate access to a device by requiring a function from the user. So Let’s Get Start.

4.1 Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen is an ultimate Lock Screen used by Million of users and Specially Designed for busy professionals. The Next Lock Screen helps you to protect your Android device from unwanted access and malicious content. It supports the English, Spanish and Portuguese and Chinese Languages.

Features – 

  • Protect your Phone with a Custom Pin or Password
  • View all Notifications Easily
  • Easily Call and Text People directly from the Home Screen
  • Automatic Weather with Updates
  • Launch your Favourite Apps with built-in App Launcher.

[appbox googleplay com.microsoft.next]

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4.2 SlideLock Locker

SlideLock is another Lock Screen App with Simple and Powerful Features that will help you make your Lock Screen more Smarter. With SlideLock, You can easily unlock your screen and ensure better security for your Android device. It Puts Notifications on your Lock Screen and it Looks Good Doing it.

Features –

  • Simple and Clean Screen Locker
  • PIN and Pattern Security
  • Custom Settings for each app
  • Low Battery Usage
  • Material Design
  • Detailed Notification Bar
  • Time and Location Remainders

[appbox googleplay com.slidelock]

5. Best Android Apps in Wallpapers

Wallpapers are decorative images used on the screen of all the devices. It is Usually used on your Computers, While on a mobile phone it is usually known as the background or home screen. There are Plenty of Wallpaper Android apps available in Playstore to make your home screen looks more Smarter. Wallpaper apps are the best Android apps to customise your Home Screen.

5.1 Tapet

Tapet is an Android application that generates and provides you high-quality wallpapers to make your home screen smarter. you can either select from the pre-made wallpapers or let the app generate one for you on a daily basis. It also Provides you with a Color Picker to Choose your favourite colours for the Wallpapers.

Features –

  • Wallpapers are Created according to your Screen Resolution
  • No Images are being downloaded from the internet
  • New & Exciting Patters available
  • App Shortcuts Available
  • New Wallpapers Hourly or Daily.

[appbox googleplay com.sharpregion.tapet]

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5.2 Wallpapers

Wallpapers is another best and advanced app by Google Inc. You can Choose from your own photos or from your Google+ Profile. You can also Change your Wallpapers as exactly you want them. With Wallpapers App, You can easily manage the wallpapers on your Lock Screen.

Features – 

  • Enjoy Collection of Images For Free
  • Get a New Wallpaper Each Day
  • Daily Amazing Wallpapers
  • 1000s of Categories available to Choose

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.wallpaper]

6. Best Android Apps in Fonts

Fonts are a Set of Characters or Sentences Which Display on your Home Screen in a Specific Style or Size. The Type Designs for a Set of Fonts are Known as Typeface and also there are Plenty of Best Android Apps that will Customise Your Font into Stylish Font. Here are Some of them:-

6.1 iFont(Expert of Fonts)

iFont is one of the best apps available on the Playstore. iFont App is Design to install Beautiful Fonts in your Android Phone. You can Easily Download and Customise the Fonts of your Android System and Surprise your Friends with amazing Fonts.

Features –

  • Hundreds of Handpicked Fonts
  • Support Most of the Devices without Root.
  • Supports Korean, Japanese and Much more Language Fonts
  • Automatic Font Backup
  • Easy to Operate

[appbox googleplay com.kapp.ifont]

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6.2 HiFont – Cool Font Text Free

HiFont is the Best Font Installer for Android with Hundreds of Fonts Style Like Cute, Darker and Candy Coloured Fonts. Each and Every Font is Designed for Specific Themes and You can expand the Beauty of the Fonts in a New Dimension.

Features –

  • New Fonts Available Weekly
  • Provide Super Big Fonts also
  • Cool emoticon and Cool Smileys.
  • Coloured Fonts Available
  • Create your own Fonts
  • Easy to Use and Manage

[appbox googleplay com.xinmei365.font]

6.3 Font Players(Font Replacement)

The Best Font Installer Designed for Android Devices, Which Supports all Android Devices. This app is Designed to Install Best Beautiful Fonts on your Phone to Make it More Smarter than Ever. You can download and choose from hundreds of Fonts to customise your android device easily.

Features –

  • Support Custom Fonts
  • Support Multiple Languages
  • Easy to Use, No Tough Steps
  • Support Multiple Android Versions

[appbox googleplay com.font.activity]

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7. Best Android Apps in Music Players

There are many music players which are best and useful for your Android device. Previously we have listed many best Android Music Player applications. Many of them I like most and love to play the music using those applications. In this list of Music Player, we are going to recommend you best of them for playing music.

7.1 Google Play Music

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.music]

7.2 JetAudio HD

[appbox googleplay com.jetappfactory.jetaudio]

7.3 Shuttle Music Player

[appbox googleplay another.music.player]

These are one of best Music Player and You can read the reviews of these music players from here 10 Best Free Music Player Application for Android.

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Closing Words

We are providing you the best Android apps for coustomizing your phones. These best android apps are free to download and esy to use. We can say that these applications for coustomizing your android phones are best android apps for all time. Personaly, I like to use Music players, Launchers, Wallpapers and Widget tools. These all Android apps are well rated and reviwed Android apps.

That’s all! I Hope this article will help you to customise your Android device and make it look smarter than ever! If You Love this article, Please Like, Share and Subscribe our Blog For Future Updates.

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