10 Best Cross Platform Games for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Previously, We have mentioned many games list which is really amazing and peoples are getting help from our guide. After reviewing many games from Best companies like Gameloft, Electronic Arts etc and getting positive reviews about the games we had decided to give you the list of Best Cross Platform Games for Android. Previously we have also mentioned the best multiplayer games and got the positive result from the users.

10 Best Cross Platform Games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

10 Best Cross Platform Games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Cross platform games can be played on many other devices like Android, iPhone and Windows PhonesAfter publishing the best Multiplayer game for Android, we decided to give you the best cross platform games list which is also in the categories of cross platform multiplayer games. In this list, we are also going to mention the best offline games from cross platform games. These games can be installed easily and thousands of players joined these games in multiplayer mode.

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List of Best Cross Platform Games for Android

There are many Cross Platform games for PC but here we are talking about Games for Android Devices. But if you want to play android games on PC there are many best emulators which make your task easy. We have listed many new updated cross platform games which are full of fun and entertainment. In our next article, we will give you an update on cross platform games for PC. Which can be played on PS4 and Xbox.

Pokémon GO

As we know the Pokemon is one of the most popular game and their many stories behind this.  Join the game as the trainer and discover many Pokemon. Many Pokémon has been discovered including Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, etc. You’ll join one of three teams and battle for the ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side. Collect the Gyms and protect gyms against your enemies. This game is free but in-app purchases available.

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Download Pokémon GO from here


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Minecraft Pocket Edition

There is a small reason to play this game. You can build your own shelter, play together etc. In this game, you can also discover new things which are really amazing. It has been devised to make sure that the players get an extreme gaming experience that has never been enjoyed before. Minecraft pocket is local cross platform multiplayer game. If you want to engage with multiplayer in cross platform games for Android, iPhone and windows phone then go for it.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition from here




Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat is one of the best shooting game in multiplayer mode in cross platform games categories. Previously, many times we reviewed this game in many different features. It is also the best action game which can be played on many platforms. According to us, this is best game and peoples are really enjoying the shooting game with a mission. This is high power multiplayer cross platform game for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Download Modern Combat 5 from here




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World of Tanks Blitz

If you are looking for action army tank war game with multiplayer cross platform games for android then go for the World of Tank Blitz. It creates the scene of World War 2 for tank fighting and here you can do many things with tanks. Join 7vs7 PvP tank battles over the 250 iconic WW2 vehicles from nations across the world. In this game, you will get the deep progressive system with ten tiers of tanks to unlock and explore.

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Download World of Tank Blitz from here




Fun Run 3

If you need a simple game with lots of fun and many different difficulties then go for that. Run faster than other competitors in online multiplayer game mode thrill. Here you will get 30+ new power-ups and their many peoples want to destroy you. The most interesting thing about this game is you can customize your Avatar with many things like cap etc. Get rank first in the world and be the best player in the world. Fun Run is free to cross platform game for android and online multiplayer game for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Download Fun Run 3 from here


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Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale is an infinity engine game which has a story with many different levels. There are dozens of new spells and items, including new magic armour and weapons. Join your fellow adventurers in cooperative, cross-platform multiplayer games. This Enhanced Edition allows a new generation of players to experience this epic adventure. Here you will get stream link which helps you to play this games in many other operating systems in Linux, Windows, and MAC.

Download Icewind Dale from here




AdventureQuest 3D

Looking for the best RPG or MMORPG games with storylines then go for it. Explore an ever-expanding world with new areas, monsters, items, adventures, and quests added regularly. As the list of items and missions, it going to blow your mind after joining this cross platform game. While playing the game you can chat, Emotes, & share on Social media. Celebrate your winning party with your friend and share your achievements.

Download AdventureQuest 3D from here




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GT Racing 2

As we are talking about the best cross platform game for android, GT Racing is one of the amazing cross platform and multiplayer game in racing. Here are many events and other things are available which are really amazing and make your days with lots of fun. I personally played this game it makes me happy after joining the online multiplayer events. If you love racing and want to challenge the many players then this is the best choice. In this game, you can also invite your friends to join the player’s multiplayer platform.

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Download GT Racing 2 from here




Dungeon Hunter 5

Are you want to kill the enemies as a bounty hunter? Here you will join the events and fight against your enemies as a bounty hunter. Dungeon Hunter is an RPG game. This is also in the categories of best cross platform games and best multiplayer games. You can also Hire friends as Allies to help you become a great slayer of evil. Your journey of vengeance, where you will discover arcane legends.

Download Dungeon Hunter 5 from here.




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Clash Royale

Do you want cross platform games with dual players mode? If yes, then just start playing this best cross platform game. If you have embedded this game on facebook then you don’t need to download this game on your phone. You will Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones. You have to Destroy opponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests.

Download Clash Royal from here



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Closing Words

Here you have seen best Cross Platform games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone which are also available for multilayers. Listed Cross platform Games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone are the most popular and most played game by users of different platforms. These all are the best cross platform games and multiplayer games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you are looking for Cross platform and multiplayer games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone then here is the amazing list. We have also added the stream link which helps you to download and play these best cross platform games with multiplayer in many other operating systems in Linux, Windows, and MAC.

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