5+ Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone.

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If you are looking for best free alarm clock apps for iPhone than here is the best result for that. This guide does not provide only the alarm clock applications list, it also contains the best clock alternative application. Many of them are carries heavy sound feature which doesn’t allow you to sleep for a long time in the morning. Many of them are the best free alarm clock app for android also. Which means some of these alarm clock apps can be used in Android.

Do you struggle in the morning for wake up? Do you a heavy sleeper in the morning? If your answer is yes, then now stop doing these things. We are giving you the list of best Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone. You will get the list of the best iPhone alarm clock app for heavy sleepers or other. If you are a professional and you have to go for office on time than then these alarm clock apps while being helpful.

5+ Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone.

5+ Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone.

If you need best iPhone alarm sound application then here is the list of applications for these purposes. Even you can easily download these free alarm clock apps on your iPhone. Despite these, if you need best clock widget, wallpaper apps and weather report apps with an alarm clock for your iPhone then these best free alarm clock apps for iPhone provides you. These are not only best for iPhone but also best for iPod.

This list contains simple alarm clock app for iPhone with easy UI. In the apps reviews, we suggested you the best app also on our experience. We try to give you the list of best, useful and responsive list of the best free alarm clock apps for iPhone. We reviewed these applications on the user’s reviews and experience. These all applications have received 4+ rating on iTunes as you can see.

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List of 5+ Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

The Sleep Cycle uses the microphone or accelerometer of your iPhone to monitor your movements and determines the phase for sleep. It supports the M7 and M8 co-processor to measure your daily physical activity and see how it affects your Sleep Quality. This application allows you to analysisSleep with it’s patented sound analysis technology. Users can also prefer the sensitive accelerometer in his iPhone. It provides the snooze by the shaking or double tapping the phone lightly. It has many other advanced features which available in the premium version of this best free alarm clock app for iPhone.

‎Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker
‎Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker

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Rise Alarm Clock

This alarm clock has many advanced features and one them you can turn off and turn on by shaking your iPhone. It gives you three beautiful colour clock style such as Night mode, Skyscape & Transparent (Live camera) with many other personalized functions. If you are a planner or want a best reminders alarm clock app for personal and Official Uses than go for it. Personal suggestion, If you can afford that product please go for this app from the list of best free alarm clock apps for iPhone.

‎Rise Alarm Clock
‎Rise Alarm Clock
Developer: Kellen Styler
Price: $1.99+

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Wake Alarm Clock

It has three features to turn off the alarm or snooze the alarm. By slap or Flip, you can get more time to sleep. If you are a deep sleeper than after shaking your phones you will get more time. There is also an option for dreamers who like to keep things basic, they can easily swipe the phone. Users can also swipe down to view the Alarm and pull down to switch on/off the alarm. This application has simple and user interface features for interacting with alarm and setting of the application.

Wake Alarm Clock
Wake Alarm Clock
Developer: Jaded Labs Inc
Price: Free+

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Alarm Clock for Me

Get the amazing collection of designer clocks with the local weather conditions in the best alarm clock app for iPhone. Users can create own wake-up playlist with the best music list. The alarm will play even in the background which means you don’t need to minimize the app for ringing alarm. You can easily turn on the flashlight by shaking the device or double tap on the screen. This alarm application allows you to set the multiple alarms with different tunes. Even users can add the note and adjust the volume of Sounds or Music.

‎Alarm Clock for Me
‎Alarm Clock for Me
Developer: Apalon Apps
Price: $3.99

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Alarm Clock – My Music Alarms

If you need best customizable alarm clock apps with many themes than here is an app. It has 10+ Themes with unlimited colours which make it different from other. Even it has classic design alarm clock which looks really well. Using this app you can set Unlimited Alarms with your favourite iTunes music as alarm sound. Despite these, you will also get the weather report like weather description, temperature & wind details.

‎Alarm Clock - My Music Alarms
‎Alarm Clock - My Music Alarms

Loud Alarm Clock

If you are a heavy sleeper then here is the which don’t allow to sleep deeply. It has 20+ heavy sound which helps you to put out fro the heavy sleep. In new updates, they added 7+ volume-boosted voice alarms with 10+ super-charged sound alerts. The available sounds are Big Horn, Car Alarm, Danger, Emergency, Military, Old School, Siren, Whistle, Air Horn, Boo, Car Alarm 2, Car Horn, Chalkboard, Chicken, Fast Alarm, JackHammer, and many others. According to me after using this application impossible to sleep for a long time in the morning.

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Nightstand Central Free – Alarm Clock with Weather and Photo Wallpapers

If you want three things in a single best free alarm clock app for iPhone then here is an application. Simply it provides you three things Alarm clock, Weather report and Wallpaper on your iPhone easily. It supports multiple alarm feature for setting up different times alarms for different days. Users will get the adjustable alarm volume and silent option even set the vibration only.

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Closing Words

These all listed best free alarm clock apps for iPhone have many other features. We have only mentioned the reasons for selecting the application in this list. These all best free alarm clock apps for iPhone has received the update recently. These are the best sound alarm to wake up in the morning. Many of the applications are personally used by me they are really amazing. These are 5+ best alarm application which doesn’t allow you to sleep over time in the morning. They also help you to do your on time and helps you to complete your work on time.

9 thoughts on “5+ Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone.

  1. corinne & kirsty

    It is true that once or twice I almost didn’t hear my alarm and I could have been in a lot of troubles for that! But it was just due to the really low volume of the alarm. All fixed now. I am quite happy with the iphone app but all yours also look like a good alternative

  2. Elizabeth O

    This is such a great app for those who are struggling in there alarm clock. I will definitely check this out and better share for my friends.

  3. Roch

    I simply use the native app on my phone for the alarm and connect it to my smart watch so I could feel the vibration to help me wake up. It’s just nice that users are allowed to create their own wake up playlist with the best music list.

  4. Amy Dong

    What a funny coincidence!! I literally was searching new iphone alarm apps last week because my usual alarm wasn’t doing the trick (I’m SO not a morning person and my night owl self makes me super exhausted in the AM) I just downloaded the sleep cycle app last week and have been using it – love it!

  5. Shubhada Bhide

    I just use default alarm which is good enough for me. Didn’t even try to explore these apps before. Lemme check now.

  6. Jill

    I am really not that heavy sleeper but I tend to dismiss my alarm and go back to sleep. Yes, I sometimes show up to work late because of that. From the list, the one that interests me the most is the one for REM.

  7. frank

    Good suggestions, i use the iphone clock alarm and i think i’m going to try these apps :)), thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Dae Nerys

    I’m interested to get the Sleep Cycle alarm clock. It’s amazing how it can monitor movements and determine the phase for sleep. I definitely like that! I’m a light sleeper so any faint sound can easily wake me up, hence, disturbed sleep which is not good for my health. Maybe with this alarm, it can help wake me up when I’m at the right sleep cycle to be woken up. Let’s see. 🙂


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