Best Gadgets to Bring On The Beach Vacation

When you head to the beach in Santa Cruz, CA, the last thing you’re thinking of is talking on the phone or dealing with email. However, staying connected is a part of life, and once you don’t have a connection to the outside world, you may miss the convenience and safety of having a smartphone or WiFi. With that said, you can easily stay connected with a few gadgets.

Best Gadgets

Gadgets to Bring on Beach Vacation

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List Of Best Gadgets to Bring on A Beach Vacation

Hot Spot Mobile Router

Want to connect to new podcasts or Spotify while you’re on the beach? You’re going to need WiFi. While most smartphones can use data, you can always have a separate mobile router to get a connection when on the most remote of beaches. The MyFi router is the perfect gadget to accompany you on a vacation.

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Sand Proof & Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The best way to listen to music on the beach without worrying about the elements is with a sand-proof and waterproof Bluetooth speaker. JBL and iJoy are two brands that make indestructible speakers for beach trips. They easily connect to your phone and stream music wherever you go.

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Waterproof Camera

The Olympus Tough TG-S is a 12-megapixel camera that can handle just about anything. You can use it to take pictures at the beach in high-definition. The camera is waterproof, shockproof, sand-proof, and incredibly impressive with its image quality. The camera also has built-in WiFi, 4x optical zoom, and tons of sensors as well.

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Selfie Drone with Camera

If you have difficulty taking pictures at the beach with your group, you can use a simple camera drone. The flying camera is a fun way to experience the beach with your friends. One camera drone to try is the Hover Camera Passport designed by Zero Zero Robotics. It can capture all kinds of videos and photos in 4k quality. It also makes 13-megapixel aerial photos.

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Shelter from the Sun

Do you have a stylish shelter for the beach? The slick, flexible canopy tent helps you stay in the shade and out of the harsh sun on the beach. The Bondi Beach Tent is one of the best due to its cotton canvas that blocks out UV rays. It also has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 40.


It can be difficult to bring sunglasses to the beach because they get lost or damaged so easily. However, the waterproof, lightweight Tree People’s Unisex Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses are incredible and sustainable. They will protect your eyes against harsh UV rays, and they are quite stylish. These handmade bamboo frames feature anti-glare lenses as well.

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Stylish Footwear

Need to get off the hot sand? You can try the Feit Unisex Bamboo Flip Flops, which are stylish and comfortable with thick straps that won’t cut into your toes or feet. They are also made from sustainable bamboo and use vegetable-tanned leather. It’s an effortless way to style it up at the beach.

Rinse-Off with RinseKit

You can take a shower before getting in your car using RinseKit. This will keep your rental a little bit cleaner and help you de-sand yourself after a long day at the beach. RinseKit is the best portable shower out there, allowing you to get a pressurized spray for three minutes without requiring any pump or batteries.

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Pick the Right Tech-Savvy Hotel

When you decide to go on vacation, you should pick a hotel brand that will have everything you need, including free, consistent WiFi. There are some hotel brands out there that are making this a promise to guests. For example, Hyatt has started the “Hyatt Has It” program which has everything you could have forgotten at home, like toothpaste or a phone charger. So when you’re looking for hotels near Natural Bridges State Beach, you will find that the Hyatt Place Santa Cruz has free WiFi, concierge, and shuttle – just like you’re used to at any other locations.

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Closing Words

Here are some gadgets which are the best gadget to bring on the beach vacation. If you are bringing these gadget and lifestyle accessories with you then here are some accessories. These accessoies are the best gasgets for everyone.

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