Top 6 Best Kids Video Games Played by Smart Kids ||

There are some best kids video games available that are not only fun to play but also provide challenges that require your brain power and skills. To play these games, kids have to be smart and know what they are up against. It is also said that these games can make your children productive and can easily make them learn new skills thus making their brain sharper and more alert.

Top 6 Best Kids Video Games Played by Smart Kids

Top 6 Best Kids Video Games Played by Smart Kids

Play games like if you like creative and challenging video games. To help you further, below are some of the best video games that are played by smart kids only. If you are looking for free video games for kids, then here is the awesome list of the games. Listed kids video games are best for 10 years old kids and above them. Most of them are also the best online games for kids.

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List of Best Kids Video Games

#1. Angry Birds Star Wars

I am sure you know about angry birds and needless to say, it is loved by everyone around the world not just kids but adults as well. Angry Birds has been releasing its different versions with different themes. Angry Birds: Star Wars is one of those many evolved games. It is the unlikely partnering of the force and feathers and is available on every platform out there. The game keeps the original Angry Birds gameplay and brings it to our screens in true Star Wars style. Completing these levels requires strategy as they can get hard sometimes. The higher the level, the harder it gets to play the game! Therefore, playing it with a smart strategy is crucial.

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#2. Minecraft

Minecraft is the ultimate video game for kids. It is highly popular among kids worldwide. It is not only famous among children but, also among parents, teachers, and everyone in between. Kids get to create and explore their own world where the only limit is these kids’ imagination. Players around the globe build and create humungous structures together. Minecraft is the perfect game because it is educational, creative, social and an endless source of fun. Building these structures and buildings is not easy and requires a lot of imagination and skills.

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#3. The Witness

The Witness is played by children who really like a challenge and is one of the most popular puzzle games. This game requires some serious brain power. Players explore a beautifully diverse and colorful island where they need to use their logic and cleverness to solve the puzzles. It does not just require your attention but you need to have some serious skills in order to win this game.

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#4. Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator is one of the greatest games in the simulation genre. The Farming Simulator allows the players to grow a giant working farm where they have to tend to the crops, harvest them, and sell the goods. It is a surprisingly addictive and strategic game that cannot be played with a stroke of luck.

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#5. Portal 2

This is one of the most played games of all-time. Portal 2 is a few years old, but it has not lost a single fraction of what made it a huge hit. It is among the best puzzle games that have been ever created. In Portal, the players jump through futuristic gateways to progress to the next levels. This game requires a thoughtful and imaginative mind. Children play this game because it is a fun, brain-stretching puzzle game that not only entertains them but also challenges them for hours.

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#6. Hungry Shark Evolution

This game requires lots of time as well as attention. Players have to feed the hungry shark so it can grow in size and collect coin to unlock a bigger shark. This game provides challenges where players have to find shells to unlock their achievements. These achievements can be sometimes hard as players have to find hidden objects or get past scary monster-sharks. It is certainly addicting, but not everyone can play this game easily.

These games are not just fun but they also provide the players with opportunities to use their thinking abilities; therefore, it would not be wrong to call them productive. I hope the article helps you out. Have a great day!

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Closing Words

These are one of the best kids video games to play on the phone. These kids video games have really awesome characters to play with and kids are going to enjoy the moment. Listed video games for kids are highly rated and most reviewed on the play store.

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