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Best Live Video Streaming Sites & Apps for Android & iPhone.


Do you want to go live or want to broadcast your events? Do you want to watch the live events on your devices? If you answer is yes then here now you have the list of best live video streaming sites and apps to watch and steam the video. These days video streaming is one of the most popular activities over the internet. According to me, Livestream is the easiest way to broadcast your event live.

Best Live Video Streaming Sites & Apps for Android & iPhone.

If you are planning to host your events and you are looking for best Live video streaming sites and apps then I have collected the best live video streaming sites and app for you. Even if you have any question related to the live video streaming sites and app then we are going to solve that. Using these best live video streaming sites and apps you can stream your video on many social media platforms also.

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List of Best Live Video Streaming Sites & Apps for Android & iPhone.


It is a paid best live streaming platform where users upload their live video from mobile and computer. You can easily broadcast live from your phone or tablet to viewers watching on Facebook, Twitter, Livestream or any other website. With more than 200 TV affiliates and the fact it can be used with Spotify, World Economic Forum and much more it could be the best live streaming platform for you to use. It helps you to explore events from hundreds of thousands of broadcasters around the world.

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Another best paid live video streaming platform where you can easily stream your video or event to the millions of user. It has been used to help soldiers communicate and let their families know in real time what they are up to rather than them waiting for a call or letter to update them. You can chat using the messaging service and even use it with Twitter giving you the chance to connect with a lot more viewers. Using this application you can edit your live stream video.

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This is the best free live streaming platform on this list of best live video streaming sites and apps. But before the stream, you have to first ensure you are not subject to any restrictions on your account within the past 90 days. Even you have good numbers of subscribers to your channel. According to rule users have 10,000+ subscribers. You can start and stop the right stream when you wish and you are in control. You can even preview it before you choose to go live which allows you to see what the viewers will get. Users can change the privacy and policy of their live streaming video but not against the youtube.

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Facebook live

If you want to go live only on facebook then facebook live is the better solution for that and the social media is a great way to get your live streams seen. It has been shown that one in five of all viewers regularly watches live broadcasts. As you have control over who sees your videos you can target the gamers in your friends list without blocking the feed of others who will be less than interested. Even you can target geographically which is great for those people who use the service to reach out for business purposes. It has many features which help you to grow.

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It is considered to be the best live streaming platform for many viewers. What makes this stand out is the fact that you stream to the cloud which reduces the pressure on your device space. It’s simple to use and you can monetise it. Being customisable it appeals to many businesses and individuals. Being simple to use makes it a great streaming service for beginners who want to give live streaming a go but are not as tech savvy as some. There is also support around the clock should you need it.

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Closing Words

There are many applications which help you to go live but they have their own platform. This list of best live video streaming sites and app help you share your video around the world not only on one platform. There are many other platforms where you can share your live events around the world and they are Twitch.TV (for gaming live stream), YouNow, Vaughnlive.TV, and other. Well, These are helpful for you if you are planning to go live event or other live streaming.

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