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10+ Free & Best Lock Screen App For Android.


Previously we talked about the best 3D wallpaper apps for Android and now in this guide, we are going to mention the list of best Lock Screen App for Android. These lock screen apps allow you set the best wallpaper on your home screen or lock screen. These applications allow you to set the widget and many other which looks amazing. If you want to customize your Android phone then these best lock screen apps help you do that. These applications have better themes for your android phone, menu icon in new style and many other things.

10 Free & Best Lock Screen App For Android.

If you are looking for the best app which helps you customize your android phone with themes wallpapers and other then in the list of best lock screen app for Android you will get the best solution for that. Even many of them have best App lock feature, Gallary Lock, Video Lock and other. But here we are focused on the lock screen customization. Because lock Screen carries many things which help you to get the things without going to the application. In this list of best Lock Screen App, you will also get the reasons for using lock screen app.

Why and How The Lock Screen App Helpful?

Lock screen carries many things such Clock, Pin Lock, Gesture Lock, App Notification, Widgets, and Other. In this list of best lock screen app, you will get the app things which you need. Many times you want to see the things on your lock screen or want to customize your lock screen in own style. These applications will help you to do that and you don’t need to do too many things. Even you don’t need to pay for that. If you are bored with your old Lockscreen style then try these Lock Screen app which helps you do many things with different style and theme.

List of Free & Best Lock Screen App for Android.

Next Lock Screen

This is an award-winning lock screen app for Android of 2016. It has many interesting things such as custom unlock with PIN or pattern code. Fingerprint unlock is available on hardware-supported devices. Smart lock based on location. Its Notification view allows you to view missed calls, text messages, and message notifications from apps like Facebook, Gmail and WhatsApp. It has many other things such as app launcher with inbuilt app launcher feature, quick tools access to the Camera, Flashlight, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. You can set your own wallpaper or online wallpaper, control your favourite songs and playlists and other. Even you can check the local weather with automatic updates.


Lock Screen & AppLock Security

This is one my favourite lock screen app on my android phone. It has many new styles for the set on the lock screen. If you want to customize your lock screen with the best lock screen wallpaper and theme then here is the list of best wallpapers, themes and t=other which help you customize your lock screen. Using this lock screen app you can use PIP lock screen, emoji theme, DIY photo passcode and other. Even you can easily customize your pattern or pin lock button in new style such as the star shape, set your own image and other. It also gives you easy access notification centre and app lock security.


Hi Locker

Do you need customizable lock screen with your own apps? This application allows you to change the lock screen with new widget such as the clock with the weather report and with our weather report. Even you can set the messages according to time duration and whatever you want. The most interesting thing you can unlock your phone by double tapping on your phone screen. You can set and customize your lock screen with many things such as set the lollipop screen, change the font, shoe the daily event, change the clock style, and many others which are really amazing.


GO Locker

It gives you lock home button from waking up your screen to fully protect your privacy. You can choose a theme from a vast number of themes with plenty of unlocking styles, iPhone style, Android style and other styles beyond your imagination. It allows you to create shortcuts to system switches and settings. Even you can read your message directly from the lock screen. According to me if you need a simple lock screen app with highly customization feature then you should try this application.


ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen

It makes your lock screen beautiful with the best themes and wallpapers. It also provides you efficiency and security are the more users can experience on it. It gives you new wallpaper every day. All the wallpapers are carefully picked up by designers daily. Turn on the gravity sensor function and incline your phone, the wallpaper will move slowly from side to side. Expect a pleasant experience every time you open your screen. You can choose any layout you like and set portrait to show your unique personality. Get music control playback in lock screen directly. Enjoy beautiful music in the beautiful scenery. It has many other things which help you to customize your phone such as Intruder Selfie, SOS and Compass, RAM Booster, Control Panel, Music Player Support, Lock Screen Flashlight, Live Wallpaper daily update, Fluency notification, Pin and pattern etc.


kpop lock screen

It has many features with the screen lock security with PIN and Passcode. Using this app you can customize your and create the widget at home screen for easy settings. You can also set the live wallpaper HD, set pin or password via keypad lock screen to enhance the security lock of your phone.It shows battery health on screen lock and you can see the battery percentage and the health. If you want to can change colour and fonts of time, date. It provides you multiple HD Wallpaper beautiful and dynamic wallpaper from our repository.


love photo keypad lockscreen

t has the beautiful keypad with many hearts. The keypad like the keypad in lock screen of ios (iPhone, iPad) and You can add your lovely images in buttons on the keypad. You can change colour and size of time, date. You can change the background of the lock screen. You will have your own attractive lock screen. It has high security, prevent accessing your phone without the password. You can add your name, your words or your idiom on the lock screen. Even it supports over 60 languages and work well on phone, tablet devices.


Other Best Lock Screen App for Android.

Password Screen Lock


Passcode Lock Screen


OS8 Lock Screen


SlideLock Locker


iOS 11 Locker – iPhone 8 Lock Screen


Phone8 Screen Lock


Closing Words

Are you really searching for the Lock Screen app to customize your lock screen? If yes then here is the list of best application which helps you customize your android lock screen. They also don’t drain your battery and they work fine on your android phone. Many of them allow you to set the iPhone like screen lock and which looks great. Even they are highly customizable lock screen app with many advanced features. They have many things such as wallpapers, lock style and other. These all can be downloaded easily from the google play store.

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