How to Choose the Best Mobile App for Drivers

Drivers are prone to many distractions when driving. These could include other drivers, pedestrians, road signs, their thoughts, and even their cars’ instruments. At times, they also need information on the road, for example, the shortest route to a destination or any traffic jams to avoid.

The drivers can benefit greatly from various mobile apps that can help eliminate distractions, provide information like the location and directions (navigations) at a given time, and even allow sharing of information with other drivers to avoid roads that have issues.

Best Mobile App for Drivers

How to Choose Best Mobile App for Drivers

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Here are some things to consider when choosing the best mobile apps for drivers:

Real-time telematics alerts

When choosing mobile apps for drivers, you should choose those that come with built-in telematics to keep track of your driving habits in real time. Some things such as hard braking, over-speeding, and wrong cornering are indicators of distracted driving, which of course is dangerous. Surprisingly, the majority of drivers are oblivious to the dangerous things they could be doing, and it is only after a driving app alerts them that they become aware of them.

The best mobile apps for drivers will offer the driver useful suggestions and guidance based on their telematics data. Through the guidance and coaching provided by such apps, drivers can reduce the chances of crashes or collisions by up to 49 percent. These apps can come in handy for parents who have teenagers behind the wheel, thus saving them a lot of worry.

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Easy to use

While choosing mobile apps for drivers, you should choose those that have a user-friendly interface and features. You can consider the need for training in order to use and interpret the information, and accordingly obtain those that will not be too difficult for you or that will not require you or your drivers to undergo serious training, especially if you are strapped for time.

You can get some of the best in-vehicle technologies that come with mobile and web-based applications from EyeRide Online, a leader in fleet management solutions, like GPS tracking systems and Eyenet mobile Internet routers for vehicles to provide dependable Wi-Fi, TV, and even e-log/DVIR.

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Information sharing and storage

The best mobile apps for drivers will allow easy transmission or sharing of information with other parties, such as fleet managers in the office, other drivers, police officers and other authorities, and service providers—like the garage or gas stations. As a driver, fleet owner, or manager, you should also go for apps that relay data to a centralized server or reception for the relevant person to act on it, as well as for storage.

Even more preferred are those that allow for cloud storage of data, so that even in the case of server or system crashing or any form of attack, the data is still safe. The app should also give reports in usable and easy-to-comprehend formats.

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Optimization of resources

The best mobile apps for drivers are those that enable maximum utilization of resources, for example helping in optimal routing to save fuel and increase the driver’s productivity. You need to consider those that allow a reduction of equipment downtime by sending service reminders so there are no breakdowns or accidents.


Mobile apps for drivers can play a huge role in making fleet operations run smoother, cutting costs, reducing accidents, increasing staff productivity, and enhancing customer service. You should choose apps for drivers that have real-time feedback, are easy to use, enable easy sharing of information, and optimize the business’s resources.

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