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Top 9 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows


Have you ever thought of recording your computer screen, but didn’t know how to do that? Then you are in the right place because today I will show you some of the best screen recording software that will help you to record your computer screen and convert them into great videos. Videos are a Great way to share your knowledge with others and are suitable for step-by-step guides and for doing product reviews. Screen Recording software will help you record your computer screen without any complications and the videos recorded with the help of screen recording software are known as screencast that can also be used to show your creativity to the world when you are playing Minecraft and recreating the scenes of movies and simulation games like The Sims.

9 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

You can Upload the Recorded videos on Youtube and other platforms or you can create e-learning courses with the help of screen recording software. Here is a List of Some Best Screen Recording Software For Windows:-

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9 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

1. Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Ice Cream Scree

The Ice Cream Screen Recorder is a screen recording app for Windows founded by the Ice Cream apps Company. Ice Cream Screen Recorder helps you to capture any area of your computer screen either as a screenshot or a video. with the help of this screen recorder, you will be able to create webinars and games videos and much more without any hassles. In addition, Hotkey support, screenshot or video URL are notable features of ice cream screen recorder.

Features –

  • You can select the area of your screen that you like to record with a single click.
  • Users can even record webcam video along with the screencast.
  • You can use the Zoom In Button to make your video more professional.
  • You can cut the unnecessary parts of videos with the trimming tool.
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2. Cam Studio Screen Recorder

Cam Studio Screen Recorder

The Cam Studio is another best screen recorder for Windows that helps you to record your all screen and audio activity on your PC and with the help of this software, you will be able to create industry professional videos and you have proper control over the output of your recorded videos i.e. record the whole screen or a part of your computer screen.

You can Download and use Cam Studio Screen Recorder in your Computer for your personal and commercial projects. Click here to Download Cam Studio Software in your Computer and Start Recording your Screen.

Features –

  • You can use this Software to Create demonstration videos for any software.
  • You will be able to create Video Tutorials for school and College Classes.
  • Users can use it to create informational videos for your products and Services you Provide.
  • You can use it to create videos of Game Plays and Tricks and Techniques you Discover.

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3. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a Great Software for Editing as well as Screen Recording  From the Team of Techsmith. The Aim of this software is to simplify the screen recording and editing process for creating professional videos. Most of the time, when people try to import the recorded videos from screen recording software then they usually got errors, but with Camtasia Studio software the process is error free.

Features –

  • You can Create wonderful animated backgrounds with the help of this software.
  • you will be able to insert music tracks and all the music tracks are royalty free on Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Bring some icons from your computer or choose from the Camtasia Studio Library also.
  • Camtasia Studio takes care of your computer and you will get fast rendering and great stability even in complex projects.

4. Ezvid Screen Recorder

Ezvid Screen Recorder

The Ezvid Screen Recorder is another best software to record and capture your computer screen. Ezvid uses your computer processing power to increase the speed of screen recording and video editing capabilities. with the help of this software, you will be able to create outstanding screencasts and document your online world with ease.

Since the release, Ezvid has been downloaded over millions of times and you can also download and use the Ezvid Screen Recorder in your computer from this Link

Features –

  • It is the easiest screen recorder in the world because recording starts in just a single click.
  • Ezvid can create amazing narrations for your video with just a single click.
  • It automatically creates videos in HD that can be uploaded to Youtube with just a single click.
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5. TinyTake


The TinyTake is the Fastest way to record your screen on Windows or Mac. With the help of TinyTake, You can easily create images and videos in less than a minute. You will be able to add comments and create videos over 120 minutes with TinyTake Screen Recorder.

This Multi-purpose app will prove itself worthy when you download this software to your computer. You can Download this Software from this Link

Features –

  • You can even capture a part of your computer screen with TinyTake Software.
  • It Works even in Windows 7 and only 4 GB Ram is required to download this software.
  • A beginner can be able to use this software without any complications.
  • you will be able to add graphics from your local drive to this software.

6. Smart Pixel Screen Recorder

Smart Pixel Screen Recorder

The Smart Pixel Screen Recorder is another best software to record your computer screen as well as editing your videos. It has an easy to use interface and simply built in functions that will help you to record best screencasts. Smart Pixel Screen Recorder is Specially Designed to Create Quality Videos with Less Storage Usage. You can Download Smart Pixel Screen Recorder From this Link

Features –

  • You will be able to create HD Videos with Less Disk Space Usage.
  • It has Post-editing Functions Like Clipping, Merging and Dubbing etc.
  • You can Export Videos in Multiple Formats Like MP4, WMV, AVI etc. and Upload them to your Online Platform.
  • You can Even Download this Screen Recorder for your Android Device.
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7. Active Presenter

Active Presenter

The Active Presenter is another best Screen Recording app For your Computer and It includes all the tools that are necessary for screencasting and video editing. If you are Planning something huge to Create Professional Screencasts For Educational and Tutorials, Then the Active Presenter will be very useful for you. In addition, Active Presenter Screen Recorder Offers Elements Like Callouts, Animation and Graphics to make the screencast easily Explainable. Click Here to Download Active Presenter Software for your Computer.

Features –

  • You can Create Product Review Videos easily with this software.
  • There are Dozens of Shapes available in Active Presenter to add in your Screencasts.
  • You can even export the Content in HTML5 Format with the help of this Software.

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8. iSpring Screen Recorder

iSpring Screen Recorder

The iSpring Screen Recorder is another great software for windows that will help you to create professional screencasts without any hassles. With the help of iSpring Software, You can Create Screencasts with No Time Limits and Watermark. A number of premium features comes with this software let you delete fragments of videos, remove background noises and adding audio effects.

Features –

  • You will be able to record your voice along with the screen recording.
  • It allows you to save your screencasts instantly and share it on youtube and vimeo.
  • You can Record the Sounds of your programs and softwares with the help of this screen recorder.
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9. Jing Screen Recorder

Jing Screen Recorder

The Jing Screen Recorder is another Best Software for Screencasting and Video editing Founded by the Techsmith Company. Jing Doesn’t come up with premium features, but it will help you to plan, record and share your screencasts with others in seconds. You can Even use the support feature if you don’t know how to use Jing Screen Recorder?

Features –

  • It Creates Quality and Explainable Videos in just a single click.
  • It Gives you the ability to create basic visual art and share it with the world
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CLosing Words

Since there are a number of Free and Paid Screen Recorder But whether you spend money on a paid screen recorder or use a free one doesn’t matter because all the things depends upon the nature of your tasks.

That’s all! I hope this article will help you to create professional screencasts and share them with others. If you Like this article then Please Like, Subscribe and Share it!

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