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Best Way to Learn Morse Code Using Android Apps ||


Morse code is oldest methods to say your words without talking. Using these android apps you can learn Morse Code easily. Morse code commonly used for emergency signals. In this article, I am going to describe many things such as What is Morse Code, What is need of Morse Code, Why we should learn morse code etc. There are many things which you should know about Morse Code. This code is really very helpful if you are in the emergency or want to share your message secretly.

Best Way to Learn Morse Code Using Android Apps

What is Morse Code?

Morse code is also a communication method of transmitting text information as a series of lights, on-off tones or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled Morse code listener or observer without special equipment. The Morse code was invented by Mr Samuel F. B (1830s) to work with his invention of the telegraph, the first invention to effectively exploit electromagnetism for long-distance communication. Now Morse code is used to a limited extent by amateur radio operators, landline telegraphers, and military radio operators. Morse codes can be learnt in many languages such as American (Morse), Continental (Gerke), and International (ITU).

Now you have the answer of many questions such What is need of Morse Code, Why we should learn morse code. These make sense why we should learn Morse code. In this guide, you will get many android apps to learn Morse code using your smartphone.

List of Android Apps to Learn Morse Code

M³ Translator: Morse code

The app helps you to learn morse code through text converter into morse code. You can translate the words in the real time. The app has many other features like one button input and one bit sound. The app supports many languages such as Latin(English, etc.), Arabic(Arabic, Persian, etc.), Cyrillic(Russian, etc.), Greek(Greek), Hangul(Korean), Hebrew(Hebrew or etc.), Kana(Japanese).

Developer: JinH
Price: Free

Morse Code Translator

This one is another best text to morse translator app for Android. Using this android app you can easily learn morse code because it gives output in the form of sound, flashlight and vibration. You can easily control the speed of sound, the gap between words, and frequency. If you know about the morse code then you can translate the Morse code into text with its text input feature. After converting the text you can save your output.

Morse Code

This Morse Cose is also the best app for translating text into Morse code and vice-versa. If you don’t know about the morse code then it has easy access methods to translate the Morse code and learn morse code. Using this app you can translate the International Morse Code standard easily. You can use the flashlight, sounds and vibration to transmit Morse code.

Developer: predefault
Price: Free

Morse Code Translator

This app also acts as same as the previous one. Using this application you can also translate the words into Morse code and morse code into text. This app also helps you to learn Morse code. Using this app you can also translate the International Morse Code. You can also transmit the message using flashlight, sound and vibration.

Developer: PixelCan🔹
Price: Free

MorseLight – flashlight+morse!

Using this Morse code you can only send the message. You can’t decode the incoming message but it good to learn Morse code. The app easily translates text to morse and you can transmit it using your flashlight.

Morse Trainer

If you want to learn morse code in levels then this app is good for you. Using this application you can learn the code and in many levels and with different transmitting speeds.

Developer: Maciej Sady
Price: Free

Morse Mentor

The app allows you to track your accuracy and this one is the best thing to learning. The new character sounds before a session starts so you can prepare for the lesson. You can opt to keep track of results yourself on a piece of paper. Includes 43 characters including letters, digits, punctuations and prosigns.

Developer: Smoky Ink
Price: Free

Morse Code Quiz

The application can allow anyone to test his knowledge of Morse code with two kinds of test such as writing quiz and audio quiz. The goal is to select the corresponding morse character out of the choices from a list.

Developer: Vincere
Price: Free

Morse Trainer for Ham Radio

If you are a ham radio (amateur radio) operator or just want to learn Morse code.
With a lot of settings, it is very comfortable to adjust Morse Trainer to your current levels. Morse Trainer will play groups of X randomly selected letter, numbers or special characters. X can be an amount between 1-9. If you want to learn just “s”,”i” and “e” just select the 3 letters and Morse Trainer will create groups of X with those 3 letters.

Developer: Wolphi LLC
Price: €3.30

Morse Code Reader

The application is somewhat picky about the listening conditions, so if it doesn’t work, try adjusting the volume or repositioning the phone in relation to the speaker. If you can’t get it to work, send me an email with a link to a recording of the transmission and I will see if I can improve the application.

Developer: Jacek Fedorynski
Price: Free

Closing Words

These are the best apps to learn morse code using your android phone. If you want to learn morse code anywhere anytime then these apps are going to help you. Even the apps allow you to learn morse code in all languages such as American (Morse), Continental (Gerke), and International (ITU).

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