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Best Workout Apps for Your Android Phone


Although health and fitness apps have been in use for many years now, 2019 has seen their number increase. The main focus is on promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle among all people, especially those who are at risk due to their lifestyle. Most people now use their smartphones as an assistant. With health and fitness apps, people can find out the best workouts, best diets, and even the results to expect. If you are interested, here are the Best Workout Apps you can install on your phone to stay healthy and fit.

Best Workout Apps for Your Phone

List of Best Workout Apps for Your Android Phone

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Aaptiv App

The app is created with compatibility to both the Android and iOS, which are the most popular smartphone apps today. Being a premium app, users get access to numerous sessions led by highly experienced coaches. Some users call it an all-around fitness solution applicable to any person. Some athletes have also been using this app, especially during the offseason period. You will need headphones to listen to the audio instructions accompanying the videos. Following it to the letter will yield results.


Workout Trainer App

If you love a step-by-step training program, this is the best app to use. Both men and women will find useful sessions among the thousands that they have. Just like many others, it is a free app available for iOS and Android, which means that the majority of the people in the world can access it. The timed option gives a challenge to all users since they have to complete their workout at the same time with the trainer.


Pear Personal Fitness Coach App

This app is the best whether you are using an iOS or Android OS smartphone. It accommodates both novices and experienced fitness enthusiasts with a variety of workout activities. As you choose different levels, the app also tells you what expectations to have once this is completed. Some of the people who have used the Pear Personal Fitness Coach app claim that it is good even if you are using enhancement gear from Steroidsfax or other sellers. The best part is you can get this app for free to enjoy different coaching opportunities with audio.


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Fitbit Coach App

This is another app that is available for use to all Android and iOS users. If you want to start using the Fitbit device, then it will make sense to use this app. You just choose the fitness sessions that you need and follow them on your wearable. The level of sophistication means that you can access categorized workouts for home, outdoors, or the gym. And of course, personalized workouts depending on your fitness goals.


Nike+ Training Club App

Last but not least is the Nike+ Training Club app. It is so popular that almost every fitness enthusiast knows something about it. Its popularity comes from the brand name Nike and the fact that it is promoted by celebrities. Both Android and iOS users can access it for free. It has different levels starting with light to more difficult levels. Each has a series of activities to enjoy and get positive results.


Asana Rebel App

This is a phenomenal app for people who want to keep fit through yoga. It is mostly used by ladies who may not have time to visit a yoga center. The good news is that this app can easily become your tutor in fitness since it has different styles of training. If you have an iOS or an Android phone, you can download the app and start your fitness sessions right in your home.


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8Fit App

Feeling like working out from home today? Technology has changed how we do things, and it is not a must you attend the gym every day. The 8Fit app has got you covered with a series of fitness activities using bodyweight. According to experienced fitness enthusiast who uses this app, it has very effective exercises that someone can access through either an Android or iOS phone. So, you should not wait until it is too late. The time to get fit is now.


JeFit App

This app is for serious fitness trainers who want to keep a record of every activity that they take while in the gym or what they eat. Instead of walking around with a notepad and a pen, the app is a good digital alternative. It also helps generate some reports about your health and fitness trends, which is good for decision making. Both Android and iOS users can access the app. However, you will pay for the premium version if you want to enjoy more features.


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There are many apps that you can use to promote health and fitness through workouts and diet. The above are just a few of the many. These are the best and simplest to use for Android and iOS users. Since these are the most popular smartphones, it is possible for almost anyone to access them.

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