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Windows users have dozens of options through which they can download YouTube Videos in just a few clicks. But since, you are an IOS user and you are familiar with the scarcity of YouTube video Downloaders. Although there are some options available, but still we can’t point a genuine YouTube video downloader among those options. But these problems won’t be bothering you (IOS users) anymore as Eltima Software had launched new software that works as YouTube video downloader for Mac.


VideoDuke- Best YouTube Video Downloader for Mac

The plus point of this YouTube Video Downloader for Mac is that Eltima developers had created this software, especially for Mac Platform. Apart from this, unlike other YouTube video downloaders that are available for both the platforms (windows and IOS), this YouTube video Downloader form Eltima’s house has no compatibility issues. Thus, this downloader offers a great reliability that others downloader lacks in the offering.

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Eltima’s YouTube Video downloader has dozens of features that help it to stand apart in the queue of several free and paid YouTube downloaders available for mac and windows. Through this YouTube Video Downloader, you can get any of the videos that are available on YouTube in a single click on your offline storage device.

Since you have reached to this segment then let me tell you that this Eltima’s YouTube Video Downloader is named as “VideoDuke”. Through this downloader, you can have access to each and every video that is available on YouTube. Even you have the access to split a Video into two different parts (Audio file and Video File).

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Now, if you want to get into VideoDuke software more deeper then, VideoDuke is not only the YouTube Video Downloader, through this software you can also enjoy downloading videos from Vimeo and Dailymotion. Thus, if you want a complete package of video downloaders for different Platforms, VideoDuke video downloader is the most suitable application available for Mac.

Features of VideoDuke- The Best YouTube Video Downloader

It’s time to have a look at the features of VideoDuke software. Among dozens of features, while using the downloaders we personally appreciated a bunch of features that are majorly visible while using the application.

Video Downloader for Mac

Features of VideoDuke Video Downloader

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Simple yet elegant UI

VideoDuke is designed mainly to provide good service rather than to attract users through some stylish transitions. Everything that VideoDuke offers is clearly visible to even new users. Every feature is accessible in just a few clicks. Specifically talking about the UI of downloading page then, you simply need to copy URL of your desired video and need to paste it into its respective space, after this you just need to hit the download button. Performing tasks on VideoDuke is very handy.

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Download the videos as you want

You might have heard some user’s complaining about their YouTube Video downloader that it implies many restrictions on them. But VideoDuke is far away from such downloaders. While using this particular YouTube Video Downloader, you have the liberty to download a single video, or a playlist or even a whole channel’s video in a go. Isn’t it cool, that you can download all the videos of your favourite You Tuber in a single click? Do let us know. Personally, I loved this particular feature.

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Separate MP3 downloader

As mentioned above, you can split a YouTube Video into two different parts. Here is the feature that allows you to do so. With the Mp3 downloader option, you can separate the Audio file from the Video without wasting any help. Actually, you just need to select the Mp3 Downloader option, rest VideoDuke will do for you.

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App cum Browser

While downloading YouTube it is required to copy the video’s URL and then to paste it into the downloader but it’s not required anymore on VideoDuke. It is because VideoDuke works as a Browser inside the official Browser itself. In that Browser mode, you can open YouTube and can easily download videos from there without facing any hassle of getting the URL and pasting it.

Besides this, in the browser mode, you can bookmark videos that you want to download in future or you want to save their address for quick access in the future. Even you can track the download through VideoDuke YouTube Downloader for Mac.

Just a click away

In the browser, VideoDuke will give you the option to locate the download button so that while surfing YouTube if you found some interesting then you can download the video in a single click.

Best YouTube Video Downloader

Best YouTube Video Downloader

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Supports Streaming Videos

The most interesting fact is that VideoDuke downloader supports video inserted through HTML 5 in a webpage. Thus, while any live event whether it is of sports, entertainment, an award show or a rocket launch event, you can simply save those moments on your device to keep them in mind for a very long time.

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Versatile Downloader

Again as mentioned earlier, VideoDuke won’t be restricting you when it comes to video downloading. Talking about why this YouTube Video Downloader is versatile enough to serve you perfectly. It is because this downloader gives you the options to select the video quality or we can say video resolutions of the clip that you are about to download.

Downloads even Subtitles

You would have noticed some video clips have different and special animations and some of them have subtitles. I don’t think any of the downloaders offers you the feature to download each and every file related to the video clip. Along with this, VideoDuke downloads the subtitle separately.

So, these were the major feature that I had noticed while using the application. Each and every feature of VideoDuke is crystal clear and its working is so smooth that you won’t feel any bulkiness on your device.

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Closing Words

After using this application for a couple of days, I had concluded that it is completely worth to invest in this downloader. Instead of going for some annoying free YouTube Video Downloaders, VideoDuke is something far better than all even from the paid downloaders.

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