Blockchain Technology Will Impacts SEO And SEM In 2019

The blockchain technology is the latest addition in the web world that is supposed to have a huge impact on both SEO and SEM in 2019. Though it is mostly connected with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, but the influence of blockchain technology is expected to reach much further than that.Blockchain Technology

Experts hardly doubt that blockchain technology will not affect search engine optimization with its impact in digital marketing as well in general. How it will exactly do so in a meaningful way is however a complex thing to understand.

  • In short, the blockchain objective is to create a trustworthy and secure record of several transactions.
  • This can also be used successfully and effectively to secure the transactions that go on different search engines as well.
  • This is the platform that helps the advertisers and website owners to establish a strong and mutually beneficial connection between them.

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In this sense, Google acts as the middleman between the advertiser and the website owners. It helps them in building trust amongst each other so that all of the transactions run smoothly. This is what blockchain exactly does by definition but it does only with a bit more effectiveness.

The job of the blockchain

The job of the blockchain is very crucial in maintaining such a bend between the advertiser as well as the website owner. It helps in the following different yet useful ways:

  • It can easily verify every user of the search engine and find out whether they are actually who they claim to be with 100% accuracy.
  • It can also see whether the ad placed on the website was viewed by a bot or an actual real person.
  • It can also help you to make sure that the website owner only pays for the entire genuine click- through to the website.
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All these functions of blockchain technology will help in reducing any online ads fraud. This will, in turn, impact the ad revenue of Google and thereby is highly likely to impact SEO and SEM in general.

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The significance and impact of the blockchain

The significance and impact of blockchain can already be felt when you see that giants such as Microsoft and other big companies along with several other websites such as have started collaborating with the blockchain technology and identity systems based on this specific technology such as ConsenSys and Blockstack Labs.

  • The most significant attribute of this blockchain technology is the embedded schema markup and its effective use. With the use of this specific feature now the websites can record the identities of all of their website visitors.
  • It also helps them to log the number of token rewards secured by the particular blog post.
  • This technology also can find out which visitors have actually contributed value to the specific posts and the actions taken by them after reading it.

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All these above features will surely affect the ranking factors of the website and make it a more productive and robust social graph that will be most definitive as well as infinite in its scope.

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