How to create a undeletable or Unrenamable folder in windows?

In windows operating system there are lots of security tools available to protect our files and folder. We can give them password protection using much software. But personally, we don’t want to waste our internet data if we have an alternative option. If we are using third party software then it can hide our files and folders or give password protection. But sometimes we want to give Read only access or limited access and these all tasks are not performed by any software sometimes. For doing this task you need to install other application software. Learn How to create a undeletable or Unrenamable folder in windows?How to create undeletable or Unrenamable folder in windows?

If you want to make your files and folders private and protect from unauthorized access than this article going to help you. If you have a requirement such as unauthorized access, Undeletable or Unrenamable folders than now you don’t need to install any third software. You have an alternative idea like this.

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Make Undeletable or Unrenamable Folder

Most of the people are not aware of these types of hidden tricks, that is possible to create a Undeletable or Unrenamable folder in windows PC without any software.

Try these names in the window to make a new folder con, aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3 up to lpt9. In windows PC, you won’t be allowed to create a folder with above-mentioned name, because they are reserved words.

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How to create a Undeletable or Unrenamable folder?


Press window button + R and type cmd and hit enter.


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Command Prompt will open now type D: or F: drive letter and hit enter.

2type drive letter

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Note: – You can’t make a Undeletable or Unrenamable folder in your root directory. Suppose your window is installed in C: drive then you can’t make this kind of folder.


Type md con\ and hit enter (md– Make Directory)

3 MD copy


Now go to the directory where you have been created that folder and try to open that specified folder name con.


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Try to delete and rename that folder you will see the error message.


How to delete or rename that Undeletable or Unrenamable folder from PC?

It is not possible to delete these kinds of the folder directly. Despite all this, you can delete such folders.


Press Windows + R and type cmd and hit enter.



Type D: drive letter if you have created that folder in D: drive.

2type drive letter


Type rd con\  (rd- Remove Directory).

3 RD

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Go to the directory you will see there is no any folder name of a con because it is removed.



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Note: – Before removing you should move your data which you have placed in that folder, otherwise it will remove the folder.


These all task can be done with the help of some software but just you think why you recommend these type of third party software when you have an idea which makes it easy to do these task. So be with us.

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