Dark Themes for Browsers To Reduce Eye Strain While Browsing.

Previously, you have seen about the Windows 10 dark theme which applies the dark theme on your Windows system. Now have a look on Chrome dark theme, Mozilla dark theme or other browsers dark theme. Using these themes on your browser keep your eyes safe from lighting and you can work on your system for a long time. Themes are basic things for customising your browser or system. They give you interesting like images and sounds. In the browsers, these dark themes will get many things like custom toolbar icon. If you want to customise these dark themes, then you can easily go for that with some easy steps. Many themes in the browser come with inbuilt features in browsers. Using these dark themes for the browser, you can easily browse Google in the dark and its’ look pretty cool.

Dark Themes for Browser To Reduce Eye Strain while browsing

Dark Themes for Browser To Reduce Eye Strain while browsing

I think thousands of peoples are working online and they keep browsing for long. If you are the same guy who has to spend so much time on browser then here is good news for them. Browser with the dark theme can reduce their eye strain, and they can feel well despite working a long time online with any browsers. All themes are well designed with amazing customization features. After applying the theme, you don’t need to worried about the other features like previews of web pages and other.

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List of Dark Themes for Browser

We have listed Dark browser theme for Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera. But there are many other dark themes are also mentioned which can be used in another browser like Safari. You can easily check out the best browser theme for your browser which you love to use. If you think we forget to mention your favourite browser dark theme then feel free to comment and ask about that.

Chrome Dark Theme

Slinky Elegant

The Great combination of black and white with well page preview. When you start using this theme then according to me, it is designed well with the focus on key elements of web pages. Mainly Slinky Elegant dark theme is simple, comfortable theme and it makes your browser beautiful. Slinky offer many other themes with different colours and customization.


  • Super Dark & Comfortable
  • Focus on key elements of web pages
  • Great combination of Dark & White colour
  • Beautiful and Clean


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Black Black Chrome Theme Dark Blue Highlight

This black chrome theme comes with dark blue highlight colour which shows about your tabs. This is the best Google Chrome theme in black and it comes in the small size so you don’t need to spend so much data for the dark theme. You will get satisfied after using this theme because it has no other option than black. It also removes the logo at the bottom. If you are looking for black and dark black theme then go for this it’s amazing.


  • Combination of blue Highlight
  • Removed Logo at bottom
  • Many other colours are available


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Morpheon Dark

The Morpheon Dark theme allows you to set your browser in the dark. If you are looking for the simple dark theme without disturbing Brands, Logos and images then go for that. It also comes work in all resolution without any distribution. About this Dark theme, I would like to say; This is a simple and well working theme in all resolution in all operating system browsers.

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  • Work well at all resolution in all operating system.
  • Don’t distract brand, Images, Logo or background.


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Darkness – Beautiful Dark Themes

If you want to set the dark black theme everywhere like Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc. Then go for this theme. The Darkness provides you with the beautiful black dark theme for all popular websites. Even you can customise the colour and it comes in many different colours. The customization feature is given which helps you to customise the colour of theme. Enabling some features required pro version which comes in $5.

Steps for customization Darkness

Step 1.

Visit a supported website like Facebook or Google.

Step 2.

Click the moon icon in the top-right corner of the website and start customization.


  • Easy to customise
  • Supports all popular websites
  • Beautiful black dark theme


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If you like to use the simplest dark theme, then you should try this theme. It is a dark rounded and glossy looking theme with the customised feature.


  • Simple Dark theme
  • Bright looking
  • Dark rounded


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Mozilla Firefox Dark Theme

Dark Fox

There are many dark themes in Mozilla Firefox but the Dark Fox is the simple dark theme. If you need simple and non-customizing dark theme then Dark Fox is best. It shows the logo of Firefox with the black colour background.


  • Simple to use
  • One colour supportive with Mozilla logo.

Install Dark Fox from here.

FT DeepDark

If you are currently running on Windows 7 and want best Mozilla browser theme then go for it. It is specially designed for Windows 7 but you can also install it on another version of Windows. This Dark theme enable aero style which makes it different from others.  Users can also customise this theme in their browser. If you want to use user style then you need to install the Stylish add-on.


  • Enabled Aero Style
  • Userstyles to customise a bit more

Install FT DeepDark from here.

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BlackFox V2

Amazing combination of black & red with styles look. If you want to change the google page background then you should try. Even you can change many pages in dark theme background. It has custom toolbar icon with glow effect which makes it different from others. If you want to learn about more customization then you should read this guide http://www.zigboom.com/customization.html.


  • Combination of black & red
  • Animated scrollbars
  • Clear highlights
  • Unique customising options


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Developer Edition theme enabler

This theme comes with Mozilla Firefox with the name of “Compact Dark” and “Compact Light”. When you enable this theme then the internal part of Mozilla Firefox will be shown with the Dark theme. It is a so simple dark theme with non-customizing features.


  • Non- customising with single colour
  • Only editor sections can be changed (Inspect section)
  • In-built Dark theme


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Closing Words

Mostly I love to use Darkness in chrome because it provides the Black dark theme for every popular website. In Mozilla, I love to use FT DeepDark because it supports Stylish which helps to customise the theme. Overall these all are the best theme for both Mozilla & Chrome. You can easily go for anyone of them for your favourite browser. These browser themes are the best view in Windows operating system but you can also use in another operating system Like Linux & MAC.

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