Easy Ways For Android File Transfer to Your MAC.

Many of you are looking for android file transfer ways to your Mac. Even I was wandering for data or file transfer when I purchase Mackbook. I have a windows phone and when I want to transfer my files through the USB then it doesn’t recognise and not showing my files. Here we are not solving the issue of android file transfer also we look on the Windows phone file transfer to your MacBook easily. There are many applications which are going to helps you for transfer the files between phones and MacBook. If you are looking for Android file transfer or Windows Phone file transfer methods in easy ways to your Mac. Then I have to say that you are on right place for the solving this issue.

Easy Ways For Android File Transfer to Your MAC

Easy Ways For Android File Transfer to Your MAC

Many peoples say that while Android file transfer they can’t get access to their storage device. If you also have the same issue then forget about that. Because we are giving you best solution for that and you don’t need to spend so much time on file transfer. The application and the steps which are mention below are the best Android file transfer alternatives. Here you will get many ways to transfer file between phone and your MacBook. Some of the applications don’t need to use USB Cable and iTune and even that you can easily transfer the files. I am damn sure when you need to transfer files between your Android device or Windows phone to your Mac computer then these tools make it quick and easy.

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This is one of the Best Android file transfer to Windows and Mac. SHAREit has widely used application for file transfer in every device like Android, Windows, iPhones. It makes your task easy and complete quickly. Before file moving with this application, you should know that the SHAREit should be available on both platforms. Example while Android file transfer to you MAC the SHAREit should be installed in your phone and MacBook. Using this tool you don’t need to use USB or any other tool for file transfer. The SHAREit is my second favourite tool for android file transfer.

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How to use SHAREit in MacBook for file transfer?

Step 1.

Share it should be install on both Android and MAC.

Step 2.

Open share it MAC and Android then scans the QR code and connects your phone (Android or Windows).

  • Before scanning open Connect to PC option from the menu of share it on your Android or Windows Phone.


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For Windows Phone

Price: Free
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For Android Device

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Commander One

Commander one is an easy and simple way to manage or share your file from the Android device. It has dual classical panel appearance, and you can set your own colour, theme and fonts. This is an amazing thing which helps you to views your file easily. There are many tools which help you to navigate and display the files and folder easily. There are many many things which will save your time. Here you can show your hidden files and folder with one click and you can also move your files quickly. Personally, I love to use this tool, and this is my best android file transfer tool to my MAC. For more, you can login here.

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Android File Transfer

If you want to share your file with the help of USB cable, then this is the best and easy tool for sharing. An easy way to Transfer and Browse files between your MacBook and your Android device.

How to use this file transfer application?

  1. Download the app from the link below.
  2. Open androidfiletransfer.dmg.
  3. Drag and drop Android File Transfer to Applications.
  4. Use the USB cable to connect your Android device to your Mac.
  5. Now Double click Android File Transfer.
  6. Browse the files and folders on your Android device and copy files up to 4GB.

Download from here

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If you want to connect wirelessly with your MAC to your phone, then HandSharer is the best solution for that. After connecting your Android device to your with HandShaker is best for managing your files and folder. You can also manage your phone clipboard and push texts to your phone clipboard from your Mac.You can also manage your phone’s external SD card from HandShaker. I suggest you use this tool when you want to connect your phone wirelessly or if you don’t have a USB cable.


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Closing Words

Here we are providing you many solutions which help you to connect your Android device with you MAC. If you don’t have USB cable or if you don’t want to use the long tough process for connecting your device. Here you will get many kinds of solution like wirelessly or wired. Some of the apps are also mentioned which you don’t need to use both things. These all are the best mac android file transfer and best android file transfer application for PC and Phone.

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