How and why we should enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp

We all of us well known about this messaging application named Whatsapp. Even if anyone has a Smartphone then they are using this application on their phone. It’s too good messaging application for getting touch with your friend or relative. Their updated features are also amazing and they make us closer with our relative or friends. Previous year WhatsApp added a new feature of video calling and voice calling with better picture or voice quality. We use this app in many ways like sending documents, images, audios etc. Here we can also share your location and it is more helpful for our friend to reach us if we forget the routes. The day by day we are getting updates of WhatsApp with new features. This time Whatsapp added an amazing feature for their user to looking on the security of their users that called Two-Step Verification. Update from here.

How and why we should enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp 1

Two-step verification of WhatsApp

What is Two-Step Verification?

It is a new feature of Whatsapp to giving security to their user with updated version. Whatsapp launched this feature after testing several months on this feature. After enabling this feature this you have to enter six digit passcode to access WhatsApp messages. In order to activate Two-Step Verification, you should enter your email-id. You should enter your email-id because it will allow disabling Two-Step Verification if you forget your six digit passcode and if you don’t enter your email then it will prompt you to enter your passcode. After enabling this feature no one will able to verify your phone no without providing the six digit passcode.

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Why should we enable it?

It’s about the security of your conversation and WhatsApp is providing that feature. Many of us are doing of personal conversation and sharing our picture, document, audio etc. just imagine if your phone will be stolen and your SIM card is taken out and inserted in another device. If you don’t enable Two-Step verification then the person who stolen your phone he can get access into your WhatsApp and he is able to read your personal conversation.

How to enable Two-Step Verification?

You can enable it with some easy step and make secure your WhatsApp messages and the step is below.


Open Whatsapp >> Setting >> Account >> Two-Step verification >> Enable and enter a six digit Passcode and then Renter the same digit and then enter Email Id to make more secure. Why we should use Email Id previously I explained that?

How and why we should enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp 2

WhatsApp Two-Step verification

How Two-Step Verification Works?

If you enable your Two-Step Verification then, iWhatsApp using in the new device or after reinstalling then it will be a prompt to enter your six-digit passcode. If the code doesn’t match then your number will not get permission to access WhatsApp and re-verify WhatsApp within 7 days of lost using WhatsApp without your passcode. You permitted to re-verify on WhatsApp without your passcode, but you will lose all pending messages upon re-verify they will be deleted.

Closing words

As the purpose of the security of your conversations of WhatsApp, you should enable your Two-Step Verification. You should enter your email-id because of it also helpful when you forget your passcode. If you don’t have updated you WhatsApp then you should update it for getting this feature. It’s not difficult for remembering six-digits of code for giving better security for our messages. We always prefer security first whatever the reason are we always protect you from unauthorised
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