Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error in Windows OS


Windows Sometimes don’t recognise USB and it shows the error “USB Device Not Recognized”. When we Plug-in USB in our windows system. This error shows in Pop-Up notification at the windows taskbar area. Due to this error, you are not able to use your pen drives, SD Card etc. If you think this error occurs due to some specific or exact reason then forget that there is not a single exact reason for this error. So, you need to find the problem from where it’s occurring, and then you have to solve it step by step.  One more thing to forget about that error, if you don’t eject your USB in safe mode then this error will occur then forget that.

Fix USB Device Not Recognize Error in your system.

Here we are going to discuss the problems which can be the reasons for occurring this issue and what are the easy solutions for this error. Here we are going to discuss the many ways to fix this error but many of them not work because you can’t get exact point of error from where this error is happening. Mean to say that the single solution will not work for you. So don’t irritate if some ways will not work, keep trying for the next and fix the issue.

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These are some Situations when this issue can be caused.

  • Sometimes it happens due to overloadings of USB in one Hub.
  • If your inserted USB is unstable or corrupt.
  • If your motherboard driver will not be updated.
  • You need to update your USB or Hard driver Software because they conflicted sometimes.

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Method 1.

Restart your computer or USB conflict

Sometimes you will out of this issue after restarting your PC and windows don’t show this message when you insert USB. But remember that your USB drive will be inserted in USB port means not be unplugged. Because sometimes windows prepare for installation and then it will install your USB drives again. Many times it works if don’t then try one with unplugged USB. Means restart your PC with unplugged with PC and after restarting you should insert USB.

Sometimes we use More than two USB and windows installation conflict between these two USBs Drivers and start showing this error. So, use USB one by one or insert this USB after some gap of time. Avoid using many USBs in a single hub in a single port.

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Method 2.

Restoring with device manager.

It is the most important step for fixing this issue. It helps us in updating the device drivers with easy steps. You can see there about your unknown device. You can see all attached device of your PC like the printer, drivers of all internal and external devices, etc. Then you can get access in a few steps.

Step 1

Press windows+R to open Run Dialogs box and enter the command devmgmt.msc and hit enter or press OK.

Step 2

Go to Action Tab and then select scan for hardware changes. Then it will start scanning and you may wait for sometimes.

Step 3

If a window does not recognize then it is marked as an “Unknown Device” and you will see there is a yellow triangle. It means there is a problem with that particular Device Driver.

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Step 4

If you see that kind of issue then Right click on that and then click on Update Driver Software. After updating you don’t see this error again, and if you seeing that error again then you need to disable that for sometimes and then enable that after sometimes. After that you not got solved that error then it’s better to reinstall after uninstalling.

Step 5

Now again Right Click on unknown device and then select properties and go to Power Management Tab and then click on the checkbox of “Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power option” and uncheck the box then click on Ok. At last restart your system.

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Method 3

Installing Application

These are some applications which are preferred by Microsoft and the links are below. You can use the third-party application like Driver Finder.

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The other products are which are not preferred by Microsoft.

Closing Words

Due to this issue many times we can’t do our work on time and we got late for our job. Whatever but now we have a solution and we can go through that and they are not time taking and they carry some easy steps. Personally, I recommend you to use method 2 because here you can update the driver of your drive and you can see the errors of the other drivers also. Method 3 is also good but it may occur the problem with your windows and you need to update your windows and it may happen that your windows get corrupted if it is not pirated. But don’t worry it happens sometimes not every and you should turn off your windows updates. Hope this guide will helpful for resolving this error.

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  • If i install hotfix or fixit software, then what happens? Will it really be helpful for such type not recognised error? Will unrecognised usb be auto recognised after installing this? How to use it? I want to try this. Please share me the valid link of this software and method of using it too.

    • Dear VK the link for Hotfix is given, it's not only for download. When you visit that site then there you will see the steps. And about fixit is you need to download that app which extension is .diagcab it means it will auto recognize the usb troubles and fix it.
      Thank you for asking.

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