Top Websites & Apps for Downloading and Watching Movies |

Many times you are wandering here and there for watching and downloading movies online with good picture quality and many times we can’t find the real link or good platform. For watching movies we have to look for the website and other different pages, for watching & downloading many of the users were getting upset of getting movies online easily and many of the sites were not legal for downloading and watching movie online. The application which was available for the watching movies or demand were available in google play and more but if you want the subscription you have to pay for that then you get the full subscription for the more uses. Today watching movies online is getting more popular than that of purchasing and watching it so here from these applications we help you to get the movies easily.

Top Websites & Apps for Downloading and Watching Movies | 1

Top Websites & Apps for Downloading and Watching Movies.

Here you will get Best free movies download and watch online app for PC and Android. If you are looking for free movies downloader application for Android and PC then here is the list of free application for download and watch movies online. Most people are using Android for phone and they want to watch movies online or download movies on their phone with the free application. So, there is the best solution for them.

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Here is some top application which was easily available for watching and downloading movies.

Viewster is the best application for the streaming free movies online as well as for the free downloading movies. there is no need of creating an account for watching the movies. so connecting with this application is simple. This application has many of the documentaries in it which help to enjoy it. easy to understand even anyone can work with it. Viewster is also available on your android phone for watching free movies and downloading for free.

Top Websites & Apps for Downloading and Watching Movies | 2



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  • Big Star Movies

This application help user to get the free movies and different documentaries in it, this is an application where you can bear different types of movies like foreign and local ones. you can watch and download movies freely and easily. Big Star Movies is also available for free watching and downloading movies and you can use it in your android for free watching and downloading movies.

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Top Websites & Apps for Downloading and Watching Movies | 3

Big Star Movies

  • Popcorn

This is one of the new application for streaming the movies and another program. this is one of the best application for the movies lover user which want all the updates about the movies at the time and it is free to subscribe so from our side this is one of the best application for the streaming and downloading movies. Popcorn is the free movies watching application with best picture quality. If you are looking for movie watching for your PC then this is one of the best free movies watching application.

Top Websites & Apps for Downloading and Watching Movies | 4


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This application has the different and unique option in it, which very common application. it mainly has the search engine type function in the application which help to get the different level. it has a good navigation in it which help the user to get the movies easy to watch and download. it also has different free application in it, you can get your movies by you genre or procedure. you can also request the movies in this application which you get notified when it’s available in that application. App link for Yidio: Tv shows & Movies Guide.

Top Websites & Apps for Downloading and Watching Movies | 5


The Tubi TV  is the best of all because it has a different type of title of single movies which help them to get the result to easy. the older version doesn’t have the saving or watching later function but the newly get the all thing with additional function. it also has the different types of the Movies, drama, anime and much more. the movies were updates as per their time.

Top Websites & Apps for Downloading and Watching Movies | 6


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This is one of the applications which were mainly used by the many of the users for streaming and downloading the movies. it is easy to use and inbuilt in every phone so you don’t worry about getting them from any other store. this is the site where you won’t get fizzled of watching movies.



This is one of the best application for the movies, news and more these help the user to get the movies and function more than that of the exception of users and they have given the tutorials in it that how to install and download.

Cinema Box

Cinema Box

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This application is just similar to that of the Show box which helps to watch and download the videos in HD form. it is the very small size of (1.8mb) so many of the users were getting attention on this. It only has the higher quality videos in this you can save them and watch later the videos for future.

Mega Box Hd

Mega Box Hd

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Closing Words

So, next time before you search for the movies or any other videos online on different sites you must go through these Applications. Whenever you want to see online movies then try these websites and application on your phone and PCs. These all website carried all new released movies and series with good picture quality.

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