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9+ Best Google Drive Apps You Need in Your Life


Apps to help us live better are coming on the market every day. It is almost impossible to go through a day without using one. Some people don’t realize they are using apps because they have become such a necessity in our lives. There are not only the apps you know. Here we are going to read about the many new Google Drive Apps which you need in your daily life.

Best Google Drive Apps You Need in Your Life

People use apps to streamline their business processes and individuals use them to make their lives run smoothly. Google understands the need for streamlining processes. So they have developed an app for nearly every need.

Choosing the best Google Drive apps is quick and easy. Once you make your selections they are stored on your individual Google Drive.

Are you looking for Google Drive tips on finding apps? Keep reading for the 10 best Google Apps to make your life better.

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What Are Google Drive Apps?

Google Drive apps are applications created by Google to help users work smarter, not harder. You will need to create a Google account and then the apps are stored on your Google Drive.

The company offers all users 5 GB of free storage for their apps an documents. The tools provided can help you create everything from letters, forms, and video presentations.

Keep in mind, you may need a google drive extension for mac computers to access offline Google Docs.

Choosing the Best Google Drive Apps For You

There is no true science to choosing the perfect apps. You simply need to figure out what processes you want to streamline and do your research to see what works best for you.

Google has some great apps but you may find that an app created by another developer works better for you.

After you create your list of needs, do a search an test drive the apps. The ones you like and download to your Google Drive. You can then access them from anywhere because your drive is cloud-based and Google is accessible around the globe.

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Analytics Canvas

This is the best Google app when it comes to insights and monitoring how your website and social media platforms are doing. If you are invested in digital marketing for your brand or business you need to have Google Analytics to track your progress.

Data Everywhere

If spreadsheets are a big part of your life, you know how frustrating it is to need a certain portion of the data and need to create a new spreadsheet. With Data Everywhere you have the capability to export data sets from one spreadsheet to another.

You can also pull data to place on websites and in infographics.


College students will love EasyBib. Because so many college campuses have Mac computers they have a Google Drive extension for Mac.

EasyBib is an app that helps users create citations and bibliographies for their research papers. The app helps you research sources, format based on the desired paper style, and keep your citations in proper order.

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Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best Google Drive apps available. It is quick and easy to use. Copy/paste or speak your text into one box, and it’s translated into another.

With this app, people that speak a different language can engage in meaningful dialog. The voice feature is perfect for international travelers.


HelloSign allows individuals to sign a document online. The best part, the documents are legally binding.

This is a great tool for small businesses that cannot afford the expense of hiring a courier to deliver documents and then waiting for signed papers to be returned. Users create an online signature that they use each time they need to sign electronically.

Lucid Charts

In a nutshell, every application you use in Microsoft Office can be found in an app for Google Drive. Lucid Charts is the answer to improving chart integration found in Word, Excel, and Visio.

Lucid Charts also allows for online collaborations so multiple users can work on a project from different locations.

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Mapping Sheets

Mapping Sheets allow users to create interactive maps using data from a spreadsheet. You can fully integrate your information into Google Maps. This is a tool that scholars find useful.

The process is simple and you can import your data and create a map in minutes. Link your finished product to a website.

The downside is the lack of options to change the colors on your map. You’ll are forced to use basic symbols, and you’re limited to 50 lines in your sheet.


MindMeister is a web-based mid-mapping software. It is fully integrated to work on any operating system including web browsers and smart devices.

The program offers all of the lasted technology. When you integrate it into Google Drive you can transport all of your maps and libraries into one cloud-based location.


Styles for Google Drive is the formating techniques used to create documents. It offers the best fonts and headings. You can customize your toolbar to the settings you prefer.

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Microsoft Office abandoned its Windows Movie Maker app. Although it is still available there is no support, upgrades, or fixes available to users. WeVideo is an alternative.

Google YouTube content creators enjoy using this app to help them create professionally edited videos. WeVideo offers animation tools and stock photos.

This app does come with premium plans. They have product packages geared towards businesses, individuals, and for anyone wanting to create memories.

If you are looking for a video app with no cost, consider Google Slides. It has the same capabilities as Microsoft PowerPoint and is easily integrated.

Did You Know Google Drive Had So Much to Offer?

Choose the best Google Drive Apps to make our life easier. Whether you are managing your home or managing a business, these apps with help you stay on task.

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Closing Words

Here are some apps which may need in your daily life. These apps have their own features and they all can be used in your daily life. Check out Google Drive training to have you operating like a pro in no time.

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